Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snarl drives daughters to boobing and bawling and going crazy Act II-1

I don't know if you guys can stand watching this play but it's like catharsis for me. I have to show what it was like to live with an outlaw dad, too, who turned mean in his old age to the point hardly anyone wanted to be around him. He tried my soul, I know that. I dreamed when I was looking after him in his old age that I was walking beside the road and he came along in his gold cadillac and swerved and tried to hit me. I jumped aside and his car went over a cliff. I thought better him than me.
I still feel his spirit raging some. Why was he so mean? Hard to tell, but isn't it funny how all mean grouchy men sound alike? Doc is not like this, but acts this part to perfection. He knows hnow they sound. But he is very soft spoken and civilized. It is no wonder I have been able to tolerate his drinking as well as I have. It is a matter of degree.
I get to act the part of my sister Brownie, too. As we argue with our dad. I can't say hope you enjoy, but it was real life. To my mind, a writer has to be willing to write how bad it was, too, or otherwise we can never get a handle on what went wrong. It is a matter of facing reality and not sugar coating the past. And then finding a way to improve our own characters so we don't hurt people needlessly with out of control behaviors.


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