Saturday, October 24, 2009

Farmer's Market petunias top off satisfying day

I started work over to Doc's this morning making the video you will see on my blog list in his blog Rick n Doc. It was funny, all about driving Charles Bukoweski, the famous writer, home from a party who began a fight with my sister Linda King in the backseat. It went from bad to worse. Then I edited and uploaded it to Doc's Youtube channel emdedoc and from there I embedded it into his blog Rick n Doc. I also put a new drawing on as a header on his blog of a spiffy homeless guy with his tie showing through his fly. It is a hoot.
After that I put the link on both his and my Facebook accounts, Richard Emde and Gerry Hitt. Then I tried to find him a few new friends and uploaded more photos of his drawings up to Facebook.
After I did all that I made my usual visit to the Farmer's Market and found to my delight the flower farmer's daughter had gotten her dad to put some petunias, etc, in a container I could carry home. Doc said he would buy it. It cost $8, picturerd above. I also bought 2 creme puffs. And checked out some new cute bags I might buy for Xmas presents.
I took my purchases back home and Doc insisted on buying me lunch so I went back to the Farmer's Market and bought a divine dish made by an Indian lady called something couscous. She also put salad and mushrooms on it with her own dressing. He name is Nena. I think she is from the real India since this is Indian food. It was totally delicious and would not make me a bit fatter.


Connie said...

I agree It's a 'good'day and I want to pay that saying foward.
My daughter stumbled upon this when she 'thought' she was having a bad day..check it out if you get the chance..the blog is not my daughters--it's the one she found by accident....

salemslot9 said...

pretty flowers
our outside flowers
are almost gone, now
I like couscous, too

Amrita said...

The petunias are lovely.
Couscous is not Indian, its from the Middle East. We don 't even get it in India commonly...its only available at speciality stores.

Barb said...

What pretty petunia. I love them. One of the few things I can grow. LOL Those & geraniums. What a nice thing for Doc to do & to treat you to lunch. I've never had couscous. My hubby made ribs today & basted them with jalapeno jelly. I couldn't even stand the smell of them. He said he was just trying something a friend told him about. Ick. Hope you're having a good weekend all round. Hugs, Barb

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

Anonymous said...

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