Friday, October 2, 2009

Doc makes new video for my blog because he thinks I am one depressed therapist

It will now be uploaded and I will embed it here as well as in his blog. He controls this video, made up the title and the description. Ihe subject was his idea based on the depression of his therapist over the continued substance abuse of those she is trying to help. I also posted one of his pictures titled The Westward Ho Vortex, which I thought appropriate for this entry in his blog
I just went around this morning trying to find what happened to one of the women I talk to regularly out on the patio. She is an alcoholic, but talking to her goes along with my idea that elcoholics have to be built up, their egoes and self esteem, before they can think of gathering the strength to fight their substance abuse problems. I was reminded that it is pay day and a trip to the store to buy a supply of liquor has probably been made by her and her equally addicted husband. They have been my neighbors a number of years so I have knowledge of some fierce battles between them, resulting in black eyes, knocked out teeth, and so on. Last year she spent 3 months in a women's shelter where I know she would not have been allowed to drink, but she gets so little money a month as his wife, and cannot work, so came back to him as a last resort. She is here with us, so I talk to her because she is willing and is also fun to talk to because she is so starved for conversation, since many will not talk to her once they discover she is an alcoholic. But alcohol and drug addicts as well as smokers and foodaholics costs the system millions in health costs, lost productive workers, disability, subsidized housing, etc., so doesn't it make sense to work harder on fixing substance abuse problems?
But I can get feeling overwhelmed once in a while which is what Doc is talking about in this video. Take a look and say what you think.


Connie said...

Second-I don't think you were baboozled..he was sober 'was' and for some reason he deceided he liked it better with the booze.
Third.I'm pretty much going offline.I closed my blogs
and wanted to wish you both well. I'll be by once in a while maybe find a tag to send your way.
I am not ill..just well-I really don't know what's the right word..I'll just say taking a break.Treat each other well-you are good for each other.
~c~ said...

Isn't Connie the one that has the graphics? Oh, she will be missed too. I hope her break proves to be good for her. And she'll be back!
As for these two alcoholics..I hope you can deal with them cheerfully. Especially the current therapist! I do hope he can stay well and be of help.

Amrita said...

You have a lot of knowledge about how to deal with alchoholics. I do think they suffer from low self esteem and they project it as pride.

Doc 's funny

Anonymous said...

Some guy was 20 years on heroin and now he's on methadone and won't hang out with drunks? Sounds like he might have a clue as to how to survive drug-free!

Doc is the embodiment of the adage "misery loves company"...
and whatever self-esteem-ations Gerri wrestles with, her infatuation with failure (on so many different dimensions)underscores the old AA line- "Insanity is beating your head against a wall 1000 times and still expecting something different to result the next time." She gives life itself to the discouraging concept of co-dependence...


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