Sunday, January 10, 2010

Change in plans about where to write memoirs

I decided after my son Dan cleaned up my computer so beautifully, restoring it to a state where it has not been for months, that I needed to do my memoirs on it rather than on Doc's so I can write any time I want to including in the middle of the night. As long as I am going to ban my grandson Dante from loading it up with his stuff after he brought it to a complete halt, I just as well as well keep it off limits to him. Teenagers can go wild on somebody's computer as long as they don't have to pay the bill to fix it. I am sure his dad will agree the time has come to severely curtail his freedom on Grandma's computer after he had to make a trip over to my house to work on it.
I am calling my sister, my son, and others about what I need to do to start my memoirs with the intent of publishing them. With that idea in mine I posted this photo of me when I am about 3 or 4 years old in the header. I am going to end this volume of memoirs at the age of 20, just before my marriage, so as not to get into any more difficulties than I already have with people objecting to my version of one parent at least. I am covering such a difficult subject that I can only get into more trouble as I go along. More people to object. I think my sisters will quell their objections but I can't see people outside the family being as tractable. I do think that everything that happened to me connected to the molesting, including incarceration in a psych ward and development of the chronic fatigue symptoms that have plagued me ever since, would be of interest to the general public. So I am looking into trying to find a publisher for the first volume, or publishing it myself but trying to sell it to the general public via Amazon or something. There is a lot to study and think about in connection with that.
I will also get my sons and daughter to thinking about it, too, as the proceeds from such a book, if there should be any after my death, would be their inheritance. I also have novels and plays they might think of trying to publish.
In fact, I think all the sisters have written books that could potentially make money for their kids after they are gone. I think our sons and daughters should all be studying the best way to go with publication, too. I plan to talk about that to my son Dan the next time he comes over.
Raymond has already started a book of memoirs about his theater years which I think could be another source of income for him. He is going to need to be thinking about the best way to publish that memoir, too. Linda has still got her book about her life with Bukowski to publish. She is thinking of including her story of a nervous breakdown and incarceration in a hospital in her memoir. So she has a big job before her if she is to write her memoir from birth. My sister Margie has a rough copy of her career in nursing written to include in her memoirs. We have all been very busy writing these things for years, and now we are under the gun because if we don't hurry up and get these books done, we might die first!
I wont be able to set up my writing program until I get one which is going to take me a few days. But I have been writing in my mind. I already have struggled through the first writing, so the rewrite should come easier. Talley ho! To work we go! The family writing brigade.


LaRena said...

Yeah for you Gerry. I think you are very wise to write at your house as you can go there whenever you are inspired. It sounds like a big job but you do have a lot done and a good plan to move forward. When i wrote my rather sketchy memoirs I tried to do it at work and at home which caused me a great deal of confusion. I would do hard copies at work and then delete. Now I wish I had planned better. I was barely learning about computers also to add to my aggravation. I don't feel like doing another but am glad I made that much effort. You go girl friend.

Connie said...

I can't wait until I can read it.
I have nothing in my life exciting to have happened worthy to write about. Is that a good thing...not sure,LOL
Am proud of you putting out the effort to get it all down and out there so others may understand the trials you have had to endure.It will be a good read. Remember to make hard copies on cd in case of a virus or crash... love ya lady!!

Nelishia said...

I'm so happy for you that you are going to write them and publish them. Author House publishing helps do the job really well for first timers. As for writing anywhere you'd like, buying a 2 or4 GB jump drive that you can plug into any USB port will make your writing portable. You write and save it onto it. That's large enough to hold volumes. They're from 10-30 dollars. Depends on where you get them and if you buy a 2 or a 4 GB. Or you could copy onto CD but with the jump drive it's so small you can slip it into your purse and take all your writings with you.


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