Saturday, January 16, 2010

I got up at 3 am to read Other Voices posted this weekend by DB in Vagabond Journeys

This entry is well worth your time to read as it is composed of several pieces from actors, including DB and my son, Raymond, about great transcending moments in theater from the performer's point of view.
As an aspiring playwright I was always thinking of how I could write some of those transcending moments that would inspire an actor to want to do the role. As I wrote to DB, I saw Julian Beck's and Judith Malina's 'living theater' in Los Angeles and decided I would develop the living theater idea in life, living the drama and then recording it in play form. I felt I had already been doing that once I decided I had to tell the truth at all times to become a good writer. Out of trying to live up to this concept, I found that moving drama would come. Sometimes I did not know if I would be able to survive where living up to this concept took me such as incarceration in a mental hospital brought about entirely by deciding to write the truth as I saw it in all my classes at the University of Utah where I first decided to become a playwright. I did not realize how much I had been feeding my teachers what they wanted to hear so as not to jeopardize my "A" in the class. I had never risked my "A"s before in a commitment to the truth. I did not realize that A's and the truth were not always compatible.
My father did not welcome this commitment to the truth rather than to A's I will tell you. Now everyone started questioning my version of truth and still are! Ha.
I hope DB will come up with more great ideas for a special entry like this one. Be sure to read Other Voices in Vagabond Journeys this weekend. You will be inspired.

P.S. Header is a pic Doc took of me with my new look without glasses!

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