Saturday, January 23, 2010

Old photographs and the Tudors

I had a lot of fun scanning some old photos my kids mentioned wanting up on FB when I could not sleep last night. So I will show you what I scanned as I whiled away the hours until I finally fell asleep at 5 am this morning. I am not too swift today, so hope writing a blog entry proves to be a good idea. Here is the one Ronda wanted me to scan of her in her beloved white go go boots and a pink mini dress on I think it was her 4th birthday in Phoenix.

I doctored one on my scanner but for some reason that one would not take. This is the original, not quite so good. She was tickled and made it her profile picture.
Then I went down to Doc's and watched an episode of the Tudors before I went to the Farmer's Market on my regular Saturday jaunt. I had just read quite a detailed history of Henry VIII, so I am enjoying this showtime English made series based on the outrageous behavior of the King known for beheading a wife whose daughter became one of England's greatest queens, Elizabeth. Thank god they don't behead us cast off wives anymore. Things have gotten a little better, but I find all this scheming and plotting to try to get a divorce or an annulment as they used to do in the old days with Catholic control of the world intriguing but disturbing. King Henry has plotted and schemed about all he can. Now he is going to do away with the Catholic church's domination in England. That will take some doing, but this strong willed but not always wise King is up to it.
I love costume drama based on history so I love this series despite the grim realities of life and love in those days.
After I came home with my usual purchase of turnips and tomatoes, plus some baking potatoes and tamales, I came upstairs to nap a while. Aside from not enough sleep, it has been a relatively nice Saturday.
PS. Here is another cute photo of Ronda and her cousins, Mala and Stuart, in outfits my sister Ann made them. They always had to wear them together.


Paula said...

Awww what cute kids!

DB said...

The pictures are very cute, especially the second one.

Old Henry was a fascinating fellow. Lots of playwrights had a ball with him. In some ways he was a magnificent failur. In spite of establishing the Church of England, he couldn't provide the Empire with a male heir for the throne. Poor Henry.


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sober white women said...

Oh I love those old pictures! I wish my mom would give me some of mine.

Rhapsody B. said...

Those are wonderful photos and wasn't she the cutest thing in those gogo boots!

You are blessed...
Have a good week


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