Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eye surgery all done!

Doc took the above photo this afternoon. If you look closely you can see that my left eye is still quite dilated. The surgery went well and when I went back for my post op appt. I could see all the lines this time with my right eye, so think what I will be able to do when my left eye has healed! My daughter Ronda bought me a cute pair of reading glasses and I can read just great with those. I see I have been seeing quite dim while my cataracts were growing.
My daughter Ronda took me to the outpatient surgery at the center and while I was getting my eye done, she picked up my son Dan and we all went to lunch after the operation to a cafe close by. We had a great visit and she dropped him off and picked me up again to go to my post op appt. I told Ronda I felt in such good hands with this doctor. And Ronda was a jewel all day long, even taking me to get my meds which were ready. Doc was relieved I did not have to rely on him and the taxis, and so was I. Although he did take me and get me taxied home the first operation. You do need to be accompanied and stay off our mainstay, the bus.
My friend in the complex told me everyone she knew who needed this done weren't putting it off any longer in case benefits were cut. I know I have felt this operation hanging over me for about 6 years now while waiting for them to 'ripen.'
A guy in this complex was waiting for years and after he finally got it done and could see so well he had to have an operation to get his lids lifted as they interfered with his vision. So they operated and told him exactly what to do after the surgery. I saw him and both eyes were black but I was assured this was normal. He seemed to be doing very well.
About three days later I asked how he was and they said he was on life support not expected to live! He had done everything the doctors told him not to including get down on the floor and try to fix someone's computer! He found out the hard way the doctors meant what they said. I was so shocked when I heard the bad news I just screamed. We tried to find him to say goodbye, a good friend of his and I, and for the life of us we could not find the hospital where he was.
So I thought of Bob today and was glad my operation was simple enough it would be hard to screw it up. In fact the doctor said it was all right to go ahead with normal activities. I am sure Bob is looking down from heaven and is happy for me.
We do hear of these sad mishaps with cosmetic surgery, so guess I won't be having any. I feel happy and relieved I have gotten by this milestone in old age. The doctor says we will all grow cataracts if we live long enough!
But in the hands of a skilled surgeon this operation seems like a miracle one. So Doc and I celebrated as well when I got home. He announced he would have to sober up at least 2 weeks before he has his operation as they are 'ready'. I am going to urge him to do it as that might be the only way to get him to sober up two weeks! He doesn't dare have it drinking as he does. That might be one sure way to screw up a cataract operation.
They were very careful to monitor my blood pressure which was much lower than last time. I was nervous the first time I guess. They even took my blood sugar which was 111-109, lower, too.
Good luck with your operation when that time comes. Paula from Country Tales says she will probably need one by next year. My sister Ann said hers were growing but not ripe yet.


Paula said...

I'm so happy you are doing so well Gerry and thank you for the good wishes. Hope Doc gets off the booze and has his done too.

Amrita said...

Good to hear your surgery went well and you have your reading glasses too.

My Mom 's will ripen a few months time the doc said

madcobug said...

Glad that you now have this behind you. When you have the surgery done here instead of the same day you go back the next day to have it checked. I can tell my lid is drooping where I have had two surgeries on it. Ken's also after having had six surgeries on the same eye. Part of those were on account of a detached retina. Hope Doc can straighten out long enough to get his fixed soon. Helen said...

You must be feeling good to get back to blogging. I hope everyday you see very well! (With no droopy lids) It sounds like you are back in business for reading too. Great!

Lori said...

I'm so glad your surgery went well. Just imagine how much more enjoyable it's going to be for you now when you're reading and blogging!

Connie said...

I'm so thankful all went well for you.I could never ever be brave enough to have that done. Guess I'll be groping around in my later years....Good luck to Doc.Hope he sticks to it.I'm sure he will if he made up his mind to.
Love ya lady!!

ADB said...

Very pleased it all went well, Gerry


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