Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Other cataract Surgery tomorrow, the 20th!

The doctor said I was healed enough to do the other eye, so my daughter Ronda will accompany me this time to the eye clinic. The photo above is how I have been able to go about with only one surgery done. Now my problem is forgetting my glasses that I need to read with. I can't go down to Doc's in the morning to have coffee, breakfast, and read the paper without those. After my surgery I won't be able to see to read until I get new glasses! The glasses I am wearing now will just be a blur! I think. Maybe the bifocal part will work. I will have to see.
It is quite fascinating to experience what eye surgeons can do now. When my dad had his cataract surgery over 45 years ago, he had to wear contact lenses for about a year. If that wasn't a pain. He would head one for his eye on the end of his finger but it could land anywhere. He would ask us daughters to put them in, his grandkids, even the waitresses in cafes. Once he could not find his contact in his eye and it wasn't on the right place. He called me and I looked all over in his eye for it. Usually it would have slid down somewhere in there, but no! I looked on the floor. It was not to be found. Finally I spotted it on the tip of his nose.
Old guys like him were not good candidates to wear contact lenses! My sister Linda wrote a funny poem about him saying to everybody, "Won't you please put in my eye?"
Surgery had improved when Mom had her cataracts removed 20 years later. She didn't have to wear contacts as the lens was put right in the eye immediately like mine are being done.
I see that my doctor does the laser surgery on younger people who do not want to wear glasses. Two of my nieces had that done. Anyway, I feel I am in skilled hands with this surgeon! I was able to get going very soon after the last surgery so I don't expect to be slowed up much. I have gotten so I hate putting in the eye drops 4 times a day, but that's really nothing.

For those of you who have been following my troubles with an unstable neighbor, he now comes and goes at night, and I have not seen him at all, but he is still there. He is not going to feel too safe after such behavior. Another younger woman I had never seen before has knocked on my door looking for him. I think how dangerous it is for any woman to jump into an involvement after barely meeting someone. You could be going to bed with a maniac.
I was reckless a few times after I got my tubes tied and contemplated how many years I had had to be so cautious because of my compromised health. A pregnancy at the wrong time would have been dangerous. I was playing pool one night over on the west side in a pool bar that featured live bands and was tempted to stay after dark which I rarely did. A very attractive man in there offered to give me a ride home. I had talked to him and played pool with him, but as soon as I got in his car and started home with him, I realized he was a very dangerous man and that I had better make up my mind to have sex with him and like it, because if I resisted he was going to rape me. He was attractive enough that we managed to have a lot of laughs and enjoy ourselves, but I knew I had to get rid of him. He liked me well enough he kept coming back, and then he started suggesting he take my 15 year old daughter to go meet his 15 year old son!! That sent a cold chill through me. I learned through his remark he was actually staying with his ex-wife and their kids as he was just back in town, he said after working in Colorado. I told him I did not go with married men, so was able to terminate our relationship that way.
I had known his brother for a long time in the pool bar where I generally played after I came home from Revlon after work sometimes. He announced to the bar one day that his handsome brother Joe had been arrested for rape, that he had already served 5 years in prison for rape, and they would throw the book at him!
One night, a knock came on my door, and it was Joe. I didn't want to let him in, but he said he wanted to tell me what happened. He knew I was writing all the time and he had been wanting me to write his story. He came in and said that I probably knew by now he had been in prison for rape, which was where he had been instead of in Colorado working. He said he dated a beautiful young white girl after our encounters (he was Hispanic) and she resisted toward the end and he raped her. When she got out of the car, she yelled at him, "I will get you." She charged him with rape. He said he would not run. He probably belonged in prison maybe for his malady and he knew it.
But I will never forget how I knew almost instantly by how he moved that he was a violent man. That encounter was enough to make me a good deal more cautious about going with a guy so fast I met in a bar even though I loved to dance and loved to play pool. Still going to bars was always a risk and I finally gave it up. It wasn't worth the risks even though I had practiced a lot to become a good pool player.
My daughter has belonged to a dance club for 15 years where no alcohol is served. She takes classes and constantly tries to improve her skills for competitions, but women who love to dance are often at high risk who do not find such outlets.
In here I know that younger women often despair about ever meeting anyone, especially when disabled, and so are tempted by a handsome Casanova who moves in, like my neighbor.


Missie said...

I wish you luck tomorrow. I'm sure this eye surgery will go as well as the first.

Lisa said...

Best of luck with your surgery tomorrow - I hope all goes well for you. Interesting read about Joe.

LaRena said...

When you get your new reading glasses and can keep them in one place it will be easier. That's what I do then bought several pair to lay all over the house to just pick up for reading a label or something. Some dollar stores have readers and if you can get the right amount of magnification you can buy as many as you want. It will be good to have it over with as one always feels somewhat apprehensive. I'm glad Ronda is able to go with you.

Your story of a pushy man reminded me of one time I went up to the Rusty Nail with a guy I didn't know very well. He was drinking rather heavily and I was uncomfortable. I asked him to take me home and he wouldn't do it. When the band had a break the trumpet player who was a small blind man came over to talk as he was a friend of the guy I was with. He told him in no uncertain terms that he better take me home if I wanted to go. I was so grateful, but when we got in the car I could tell he planned to get even with me and he drove super fast along Bell road. Fortunately there was not much there then so traffic was not heavy. Still I was scared to death and so grateful to get home and run in and lock my door. It does teach one a lesson and I never had the urge to go on a date with a stranger again. There is always a question of how well you can tell what a person is all about and how do you not get bored enough to decide you have to go DANCE? All we Utah girls had dancing in our blood. I'm glad your daughter had the good sense to do it the right way, and that her husband was supportive.

Cathy said...

It's nice to see you've kept that sense of the absurd. Tomorrow will go just fine I've no doubt, and I'll be thinking of you while in the waiting room of my own Dr. lol. Ah life, the complications of simplicity!!

madcobug said...

Sending up prayers for your surgery for tomorrow. Helen

Paula said...

Glad you have one down and are doing well. Hope the other goes as smoothly. I'll be having to do this in about a year.

Have Myelin? said...

What a gorgeous picture of you!

Your story is an interesting read! I am glad your eye surgery went well. :->

kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

I guess you are off getting your surgery. Let us know how it goes as soon as you feel able.


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