Thursday, January 14, 2010

The news is good from my sister Linda in San Francisco!

I have to smile at my sister Linda in San Francisco sounding so happy because she has found a new boyfriend. She described him to me and he does sound well yummy. No wonder we have not heard from her lately. But she is also very busy with activities with the poets. How do you like that? She arranged to sculpture last year's San Francisco poet laureate Jack Hirshman at the famed Beat Museum. Jack, Linda, and I are pictured in the above photo at the Cafe Trieste, where poets meet each day. This photo was taken on my trip with Linda to San Francisco a few months before she moved there. In the header we are at the Beat Museum. They are giving her space to sculpture on site since she already has several sculptured busts of poets on display there. She is lucky she is getting this chance to sculpture such a busy man. She is also attending the weekly poets' meeting they have in North Beach. What luxury to be able to meet with poets each week. She says the talk is very fast and literary and at first she hardly dared open her mouth, but now she is getting a little more used to them.
She is also excited because relatives from Utah are coming to San Francisco today to see their college basketball player son play ball at two colleges in the Bay area. Linda has been eager to attend one of Andy's games and now she will get to see it with Karen and Rick, the mom and dad, who are invited to stay to her daughter Rissy's. Rissy just bought a big house with plenty of room for visiting relation!
I hope they all have a fun weekend.

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Great news. I hope Linda writes about her new love. Things are happening to make her more happy. Can she sculpture with her numb fingers?


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