Friday, January 15, 2010

Old ladies fighting crime

After spending 25 years in public housing, 13 years of it on the west side in an extremely violence ridden complex for woman and children, I have a few ideas to write about in my plays about what people have to do to survive such places. I have ideas about what can be done to improve them which is appeal to the gneral populace to take more of an interest, persuade theater companies to do plays about their own city's problems instead of always thinking about risk free theater fare when the city its self is not safe for many people. Talk theater critics into supporting local playwrights 'amateur' efforts to make theater a force against crime. Talk newspaper publishers into expanding their own coverage beyond their favorite whipping boys like the Sheriff. He probably loves all the publicity by now. There are more problems in Arizona than Arpaio!


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I read this, yesterday
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of a gun said...

I was able to listen to every word
of your video without a just came right through. I am delighted with this new update, although there are new things to learn.
And yes, theater companies should help the locals!


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