Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cleaning to danger point, Anne Boleyn beheaded in Tudors, worship of higher power on Sunday

I cleaned Doc's bathroom today until I was frightened into quitting by fatigue. Later Doc and I made a video on the increasingly decrepit state of the aging. Then we finished watching the second season of the Tudors which ended with the beheading of Anne Boleyn. This sobering event which seemed to go on for hours caused me to contemplate the need man has always had to square himself with a higher power so that his actions won't reach the degree of savagery that was demonstrated by Henry VIII in this rash of decapitations that included virtually murdering the queen he now wanted to get rid of. I was so mad at him for setting Cromwell to work torturing people to find out the real truth about the queen. Gee, torturing people until you get the answer out of them that you want to hear. Those were savage times in the development of man, I must say. Who could possibly have faith in the spiritual power of the Reformation when such savage deeds defined Henry the 8th's reign? Why couldn't he see the weakness in his reasoning powers, this monarch who wanted England to see the authority of God in him rather than in the Pope?
I am thinking of how badly both the Republican and Democratic parties need to restore a respect for a higher power to the laws of the land. I have long thought that it is as convenient for the Republicans not to fight legalized abortion as it is for the Democrats to maintain that legalized abortion is progress and we can't get along without it. Just as the new Reformation was headed by a king who said that torture to incriminate and beheading to punish was necessary to cleanse the kingdom of evil.
I thought that the Reformation was necessary to fight the torture and burning of heretics for not believing. So where was reformation in King Henry's savagery? Proves that he did not reason well about what he was doing. And not many were willing to argue with the king. The price might be too high it is plain to see.
In order to return spirituality to our country we once had, in my view we have to accept the wrong doing of killing as a solution for population control or any other human problem. We need to have more faith in the power of man to find a way without killing. But to value and hang on to spirituality in an increasingly populated world is asking for even more control by man, more determination, more strength. By putting killing policies into place we are saying man is not up to it. He will in the end return to savagery which is necessary for him to survive. Yet we cannot make progress with savagery.
I say it is better to reach for the stars than to return to the bestial ways. The idea of a nobler man has always seemed out of reach to man striving to evolve, but those who have sacrificed even their lives to help man to elevate his own actions to another level are our heroes. And in my view make life worth living. So that is why I keep striving to promote a reality of laws that protect life rather than take it.


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LaRena said...

You know I like to think that the world is in a time of great changee toward a more civilized and less violent way of managing life. Certainly something unusual is going on. It is sad that it takes tragedies in the world such as the the magnitude of the Haiti earthquake to really bring out the best in mankind. There has been such an out pouring of caring and concern the world over for these poor people that it gives one the hope that we will move in the right direction and the killing will stop. Of course there have been many cases where the worst has came about. This sort of thing I believe has been prevalent,(the crimes against children) for centenaries in this country. MY hope is that as the world comes to their aid and helps them to survive with a better life they will be able to curb their violence and brutality toward the children. We as Americans need to carefully steer our course toward more kindness and compassion in all situations. It may not happen in our lifetimes but I think there is more evidence than we have had in the past that we, as a people are thinking about spirituallity. More are receiving a feeling of an intelligent higher power than can help us to get a vision of what our world could be rather than what it is now. I think our president is the most intelligent of any we have had for a long time and will manage to impact the world for good somehow, no matter how many obstacles are thrown in his way.Holding the vision is a big part of it, and it must be inclusive of all. said...

I didn't watch Tudors...I watched the Grammys. I like seeing and hearing all those groups that I miss all year since I don't listen to music too often.
I didn't think anyone could outdo
Black Eyed Peas with their wild outfits until Pink rose in her straps to the top of the stage with water pouring over her..Good grief! Tailor Swit? won Album of the year with all her originals. Tom thinks anyone is better than she is. Bianca came on with an army of men, but I think I enjoyed the new group Brown...something as much as anyone. You guys covered murder and death...I just went to the party.


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