Friday, January 22, 2010

Talking to Raymond in Austin and record snow in Boulder, Utah

I talked to Raymond in Austin who had not yet seen photos of a record snow fall in Boulder, Utah, his summer country abode as well as my hometown. Everybody is digging out and checking on their cattle. They may have to get hay to them if they are out on the winter ranges. One year they had to fly in hay by helicopter to keep the cows from starving. His cousin Cheryl was going to go check on Raymond's trailer. Might have to push some off the roof, as people have been doing all over town. I could not believe the big piles of snow they were digging out from under. I am sure they are a little stunned, too. If you want to read an amusing account of her first winter in Boulder 'consumed by the weather' and digging out from under a record snow fall, read my niece Cheryl's blog, Directions 4 Retirement. (google it)
Our paper today said another '2 to 4' feet is expected in Flagstaff, Arizona tonight and through the weekend. Students were already walking through waist high snow paths. And I don't even have a snow photo to show you. We don't think snow in Phoenix.
Raymond made me laugh by saying, "And I am meeting a lot of beautiful women in Austin!" He said that his dog Baby is a magnet and he has met more people this way. He says this is a dog town with three dog parks where the owners just let as high as 50 dogs run! Baby must be in dog heaven. Oh yes, it was so funny, he took Baby into the theater last night he said, and he plans to teach Baby to be a show dog and he thinks within 6 months he can put her in the show! Well, why not, I said, as he spent years teaching kids gymnastic tricks as well as acting ones. He used to practice juggling for hours. And walking on his hands. If anybody can teach Baby to be a theater dog he can. He says she is very smart, she will be a good learner. Like border collies do, she already thinks he is her job.

Here is a young Baby with McKye in case you have forgotten what she looks like. This one shows her distinctive ears.
Raymond says the festival sales tickets are down 35% due to the bad economy everywhere. He brought most of the audience in himself, so he has to hustle every moment to try to make these festival dates count. He has got a challenging task but he is happy doing it.

My vision is improving every day. Raymond was excited to hear I am seeing well enough to go without my glasses. Never did I expect to be able to do that. I just have to remember my reading glasses now to take with me if I expect to be reading!

P.S. Connie just sent me this header to celebrate my new eyes. I appreciate how sharply all the flowers stand out now.


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