Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A visit paid by my ex husband Dean from the spirit world over family upset

Dean has paid me a visit or two the last little while since our son Raymond went on the road with his one man show, Bohemian Cowboy, about his disappearance in the desert and apparently from life. Here he is again after a family upset involving the 'estate' he left behind, an old truck and trailer and an accumulating bank account from his social security because no trace of him has ever been found and so he cannot be declared dead for 7 years.
DEAN: I have made a mess of things haven't I by not making it clear if and where I died.
GERRY: We will try to manage.
DEAN: I guess you will have to since nobody can find my remains. Pole (his cousin and my sister Margie's ex husband who has passed also) said, 'Shurtz, if I had known you were going to create such a stir with your disappearing act, I would have tried to disappear, too, so people could look for me.' But I had no idea that my damned old truck would cause such a problem, too.
GERRY: Anything can be something to fight over if people are inclined. What does Pole say about my sister Margie saying that I was totally responsible for her marrying him?
DEAN: We both know our wives did not care for us much. Any of them, and that brings me to why I am here. I have been trying to do restitution for my bad behavior, you know all the mean things I said and did while on earth. I have been trying not to lose my temper when things happen that upset me. I am trying to be philosophical and think well, it will all work out. I was surprised when Raymond fixed up my old trailer so it was livable again. It will probably do for whatever time he spends in Boulder in the future. My sister can't last much longer and will soon be coming here and then we can settle our differences with our mother present so we won't lose our tempers. She does not want us to fight.
GERRY: How does it feel to be around your mother again after all these years?
DEAN: Good. She is a nice woman. I like her. Now my dad I don't see much of. Old grudges die hard.
GERRY: I am sure you were very happy to see your grandmother. I always liked her.
DEAN: She was a great woman. We both had very loving grandmothers. Mine was especially important to me since she was basically the only loving parent I had from the time I was 4 years old. She was old and worn out, too, but she did the best she could for me. But I want you to know that I am traveling with Raymond. I will be staying in Austin with him as long as he is there. I was in the habit of wintering with him, and now is no different. Your sister LaRae has come to Austin several times and brought people to see the show. She is a good woman. She gets along with everybody.
GERRY: Are you singing?
DEAN: Yes, Pole is here, too. We are singing as much as we can. Trying to inspire Raymond. I have been singing with the band. I sing harmony with Pole, but I want you to know I am singing now as I never did in life, like you always wanted me to do.
GERRY: You have a great voice, a unique voice. You should have been singing all along.
DEAN: Cousin Sterling sings and plays with the band some nights. He is happy as he can be here in Austin. You know every great musical city like Austin has a lot of spirit singers and musicians around. It was like I was ready to step up and start singing in public a lot sooner than I expected to do. There were so many good singers among our relatives.
GERRY: Your relatives not mine.
DEAN: Everybody is so happy about Raymond tackling Austin. It's rare on earth to come even as close as he has to fame and fortune with his gifts. He has got more nerve than I had. You should have been famous, too, with your plays and novels.
GERRY: I am getting pretty old to make it now.
DEAN: I promise you that if you ever give me another part, I will do a lot better job than I did in Aunt Santhea.
GERRY: You were a hit in your hometown.
DEAN: They have theaters here, too, a lot going on just like they do with singing. These guys you wrote plays about are here. They talk about the plays. You are more famous here than you are there. They will say I know she will have a good time doing her plays when she gets here. It won't be so hard for you here as there. You have already established a reputation. People will say it is too bad she did not get to do those plays on earth, but she needed more appreciation.
GERRY: I guess I can look forward to that. I don't see much chance of getting any of them done here now. It's sad, but right now theater is on the wane. It will come back, it always does, but look what a hard time Raymond is having to get audiences for his. He's got the stamina to go out on the road. I don't.
DEAN: Without you to spur him on he never could have done it. He'd never have become a playwright if he hadn't been raised with you writing plays. He heard about yours so much he knew more about plays than he did anything else.
GERRY: I guess you and I were meant to pave the way, you with your singing, me with my plays, and then it was for him to put a play and a song together and go out on the road with a show.
DEAN: He took it all one step further. I am there cheering him on with every new song he writes. Raymond's a showman. He didn't have my voice but he had nerve that took him a lot further. He will find his voice. It's great to see a star being born when he is your son.
GERRY: Is that what you came to tell me.
DEAN: Yes, he is going to be a star, a lot bigger star than either you or he imagines, because he is a playwright, too. He is a song writer. And he can perform. He has got what it takes to be a star. You are a star, too, but you always had to shine through some dark clouds. The clouds are going to part for him. That's what everybody is excited and happy about. You might think it isn't going to happen. It might take more time, but I have brought you the message from those who know, they have seen it in his destiny. He is fortune's child.


salemslot9 said...

that sure must
sound comforting
to you, Gerry

Paula said...

Like this entry Gerry.

kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

Dialogue continues! I miss Dean stopping in. He did cause an uproar.


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