Sunday, January 3, 2010

Having trouble with computer since Dante's visit

I have been calling his dad my son Dan, back and forth, and he finally said he would have to come over and work on it. What happens is that I can't get out of the internet without shutting down the computer. The tab that shuts it down doesn't even appear. Instead it goes to something that says we had a problem with the Internet and then its function seems to be to restore the site not shut it down. Dan says that some of the stuff Dante downloaded has caused too many programs to be running at once somewhere, which is why a computer gets stuck. He had me take off some of the stuff that appeared on the computer from Dante's visit. He has put stuff on there before but it has never gotten stuck like this. I removed some of the programs that had appeared with his magic touch, and Dan had me run a long scan through my protection program which I pay for. It is Micrsoft's Windows Live One Care. It said it found two potentially harmful programs, one called a trojan.
Anyway I told Dan that as soon as I try to do anything like upload a photo in blogger it gets stuck. I can stiill post something like this entry, but too much more than that. I can also still send e-mails and get on and post on my family site. I got stuck real fast in Facebook so have not been back there.
Thank goodness I have got a go to back up computer down to Doc's. He doesn't do anything on it, so yesterday I visited a number of your blogs from there. If I try to visit them on this computer I soon get stuck.
I always know it is a risk to let Dante go on the Internet on my computer, but his mother way cannot afford online services, so he wants to go online. He probably got a little wild on my computer but after his dad gets through cussing he will probably be a lot more cautious on mine as well as on his dad's. Dan is doing a lot on his computer like working on people's websites. He has also been building a website for his own business purposes in his spare time when he is not working. So he probably gives Dante strict instructions about what he can do on his computer and what he can't.
My sister Ann says she lets her grand kids go on her computer and they are younger than Dante, but I am sure safer as I think they only play games. Still she has been having trouble with her computer, too. She had trouble in Facebook, too.
I am now looking at the technical aspects of writing my memoir. Dan has given me a website where I can download something similar to Microsoft Word to Doc's computer that is free that he uses. My theory is that if you pay for it it is better, but that is not his theory. My sister Ann paid eighty something dollars for Microsoft Word that I think she bought from Amazon, the lowest price she could get. She was told that Microsoft Word could handle the photos she wanted to include as she went along. I told her I would just put a few photographs in the middle, which is technically a lot easier to do. Dan got a very good basic introduction to the computer in high school because Carl Hayden where he went was the magnet high school in the city for the computer and he said his teacher was one of the best he ever had. He just does technical stuff a lot easier than I do.
I am also going to ask Dan if we should uninstall Explorer 8 where it seems to be stuck and then install it again. I am wondering if anyone else has had trouble with explorer 8 continually saying there is a problem with the website and we had to close the program. Then it will say the error has been taken care of and will restore the website. That is the message I get when I try to get out of the Internet and it gets stuck, too, after a bit.
The problem must lie with what Dante put on there, that's what Dan says, and the trouble started then, so must be. But he has been on my computer quite a lot of times and this is the first time this has happened. The shut off the computer function still works, however, thank goodness.


madcobug said...

Explorer 8 was making things hang up on my computer so I just uninstalled it. I downloaded and now use Mozilla Firefox all the time. I hope you get yours fixed soon. Helen

ADB said...

I'd do a thorough virus and malware scan (a trojan is malicious software or 'malware') and remove all that Dante has put on. Young people are not always aware of the dangers that lurk on the Net and can leave you exposed to all that garbage. Hope you can sort it.

Guido said...

My whole writing program..the old Word Perfect...turned to gobbely gook with the new year. I have called for my computer man to help me get it back into actual words. What causes that to happen,
internet world????

Missie said...

Hoping you get the computer straightened out quickly!

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings to you for the New Year and beyond.

It sounds like you got a virus and its messing with your computer. Perhaps it would be best to have it re-configured and cleaned.

Good luck....

LaRena said...

I use Mozilla Foxfire almost exclusively now. It just seems to function better and faster than explorer. It does make one nervous to have the young on your computer. Trevor must have been quite careful because he didn't download anything that gave me trouble. I simply can't get it off my mind if something is wrong until I get it fixed. What did we ever do without our computers?? Good luck to Dan the Man, may he get you back in business quickly.

Amrita said...

Something similar was happening to my computer since I allowed my 2 nephews to play their computer games on it. They saved their games on my hard drive and my puter became so slow I could hardly work on it.So I uninstalled all their games, now its OK.

I did not allow them Internet usem as that would be very dangerous with viruses and things.

My neice crashed my PC once and I had to pay a lot to get it fixed - so once burnt twice shy.

Hope Dan can fix your PC

LaRena said...

I looked again at your photo and you really look slim. Are you losing pounds? The outfit really looks good on you.

DB said...

The stories would be amusing if they weren't so frustrating and expensive to fix. I've heard of not being able to get on the Internet. I couldn't get on for 6 weeks. But I've never heard of not being able to get off until now. It sounds like a good scrub is in order.


Connie said...

Ever since I installed the new Explorer 8 it has shut down and restarted the program and never gets back the tabs I had open when it shut itself down.I get so sick of it,wastes so much time. I put off installing the IE 8 because I figured it had bugs...need a BIG flyswatter,LOL....
Luv ya lady!!


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