Friday, January 29, 2010

On the State of the Union address and health care abortion funding

We can see from our President's State of the Union address that it is a lot easier to imagine the benefits of say health care without thinking about where the money is to come from. The prospect of ever increasing government debt is very disturbing to politicians not in power, whereas good reason is usually found for the president's increase of the national debt, no matter from what party. We saw President Bush raise the national debt with two wars and now we see President Obama proposing to raise it for his agenda, health care for all and an expanded war in Afganistan, etc.
I objected to health care that would fund abortion. This aspect is viewed as an important addition by democrats who promote it. They refuse to think that possibly this insistence on including it has aroused the ire of republicans. The democrats that support it are not going to concede that legalized abortion is that big of moral problem. It is impossible for me to think that millions of deaths a year through legalized abortion should be regarded as a necessity. We can't afford to encourage the birth of these babies because of all the public health services they might consume, but we can raise the national debt limit to wage war, increase homeland security, and other large expenses.
I saw President Obama successfully presenting himself as a smart politician, a good thinker, especially when it comes to the specifics of the government he impacts. I think he is still lacking when it comes to issues like legalized abortion, but he may see the failure of his health care plan tied to this issue. That won't be acknowledged by either party, but this issue is so divisive that it is bound to be a big problem when democrats propose to have abortion funding signed into law and therefore a good deal more 'untouchable.' Obama and Pelosi and others trying so hard to get health care passed may see their agenda fail just because they have refused to alter their goals on legalized abortion.
Had they been willing to leave it out of the agenda and still agreed to be governed by the Hyde amendment that does not allow medicaid, government employee health insurance, etc, to fund abortion, the health care plan might not have run into such opposition. As it is, trying to push legalized abortion through just when it is starting to get more opposition has created a big problem in my view. I am for health care. I think the poor need it as well as the seniors and disabled. It is time to treat the working poor as as valuable as those who do not work. That only makes sense. So even if it costs the government more money I think it should be done, but democrats who are so passionately for it have also proved to be very passionate about legalized abortion. Now that passion seems suspect. How can you care so much about health care while being determined to provide abortion funding, a very unhealthy prospect for the unborn. Does not make sense. I think the logic is seriously flawed so as long as the democrats won't give an inch on legalized abortion I expect the health care plan to be stalled.
America should strive to be number one in the world in humanitarian consideration for all, and for this reason, they need to lead the way back to limiting abortion. Legalized abortion targets the innocent and as a great nation, I believe that we can find another better way to help women than make sure abortion is always available. To me that is a barbaric solution, as is any solution involving violence, blood shed, and death.

Think of a hereafter composed of legions of these innocent sent to their deaths and answering them as to why this was necessary. It is quite plain to see that those who believe in abortion don't necessarily believe in God or an afterlife, but they cannot prove the afterlife to be totally fantasy and wishful thinking either. Many many times man has been confounded to discover that what he believed did not exist was there all the time. He just did not have 'eyes' to see it.
It stands to reason that we cannot murder without consequence. That the innocent who are killed through no fault of their own will not still have their day in court through divine justice. People who support legalized abortion obviously do not think they will have to 'pay' for these deaths, but if they die and choose eternal life they will have to pay. It may be harder than they think to consign their own human spirits to oblivion. It is very hard to wrap the mind around the idea of oblivion, but those without faith do not want to be fooled by an imaginary hereafter.
Who knows but what the imagination is the source of life. In the imagined we might 'see' the reality that can become.


Connie said...

I wonder if healthcare would be for anyone who walks in off the street,or would they need an address,as alot of folks are homeless and a lot not even legal citizens..Let's take the war money and house the homeless.More and more will become homeless as jobs are lost and there's no where to turn. I heard today that they gave Ohio federal $$$ to help fund a fast train from Cleveland to Cincinatti that would go up to 168 MPH can you imagine the RR crossing deaths with that one. and I guess we're to pick the rest of the $$$ to fund it out of our former RR conductor said there is no way the train could get there under 4-6 hours (same as a car) because they have to use existing track and there is freight trains running it all day long and they can only go up to 50 MPH...besides the fact not many people will be treking that route everyday....silly waste of tax $$$$'s...

Connie said...

oh...and I still say write that book...even if it's not ever need to get it off your chest and then burn it if you have to..but do was your life spoiled..your innocence one should ever come between you and what you need to do to abolish it from your soul....sorry to stick my fat mouth in there but you know I think highly of you and want what I feel would benefit your well being......

紅包 said...

真正的富裕是一無所求。.................................................. said...

The money people all know how to spend the money, but too often it doesn't go to those that have nothing. Utah is talking about a fast train, but I didn't hear enough to link it with Gov. spending. Now do we have to build fast tracks? Fast trains don't get the homeless into homes! (It might cut air pollution a bit.) The jobless need work. That's a big factor. I guess we can only write to those who spend!

salemslot9 said...

I don't know
much about politics
but, as far
as I know
democrats are usually
for abortion
I know you're not
but, isn't that
the way it is?


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