Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cataract Surgery roaring success, but announcement of plan to publish memoirs causes family reactions concerning my opinion about our father

I have hardly been able to enjoy my cataract surgery results for being put on the defensive about my intent to publish my memoirs of childhood in book form. I don't know what I can do to make my sister accept this. At the moment she is pretty steamed. I did not discuss my opinion that our father was a bisexual for 55 years because I knew it might get this kind of reaction. The family has been more or less warring over it ever since I first told what I thought 20 years ago.
I had not before now got around to planning to publish a memoir including this opinion. I don't know if my sister thinks this will hurt her family's reputation, maybe even affect her kids and grandkids, but my contention is that she does not have to admit she is related to the author of the book if that will help. Besides Doc said today he can only afford to finance about 75 copies. How much damage could 75 copies in circulation do to her family's reputation?
My sister is even wondering if I am lesbian since I am so obsessed with this subject. I said no, but if I was I would surely admit it. I can't see anything too wrong with being a lesbian, myself, since I do not think people can help those feelings. I have read a number of lesbians' blogs. I think some of them are very creative and are good thinkers. I do not mind that they are lesbian but that is me. And I am just not willing to let anyone's opinion stop me from writing what I think is the truth, finally, after all these years.
I know that most bisexuals, just because so many people disapprove, will not admit it. My dad was certainly one of those number, but sometimes you run up against the fact whether your parent admits it or not. I thought both of my molesters might have had affairs with my dad and had since gotten very angry at him so that thoughts of revenge entered into their attack on me. Since my dad's relationship with them might have motivated them to attack me, I think I should be able to say that in my memoir.
My sister was not molested and did not have to ponder this weighty subject for 55 years without even telling anyone what she thought was the whole story. This complication kept me from even telling my parents I was molested, for heaven's sakes. It was too closely tied for me to ignore that factor, so I just kept quiet and tried to handle it myself. But even that fact does not cut any ice with my sister. So we are having a heated disagreement.
I am still going ahead and starting my memoirs this week. I am planning to publish them in book form, come what may. I can't talk to my sister on the phone. I fear we would just fight. So we are just passing long opinions back and forth on the family site. That's the latest on the family front. I have also discussed the family war on Youtube which you can view if you can stand to.

P.S. Something else to be happy about besides half of my cataracts off--my son Dan has been here cleaning up my computer, deleting a bunch of stuff Dante put on there, installing Mozilla Firefox browser for me to use instead of Explorer 8, and doing systems restore, and so far I believe what he has done has solved my problems. I feel bad because he is probably going to severely curtain his son's access to Grandma's computer. He says jokingly when his son gets a computer and is on line he will go over and install a bunch of crazy stuff on it to see how he likes it! He seemed slightly surprised at how much his son had managed to put on my computer, but I said he works 15 hours sometimes without let up to get all that done when he visits his grandma.


madcobug said...

I am glad that your cataract surgery went well. Also glad that your son got your computer fixed. I suppose your sister thinks you should respect her feelings about your father. I myself wouldn't be surprised at what anyone does these days. Helen.

salemslot9 said...

glad to hear
your eye surgery
was a success
as far as your
book is concerned
you should write
from your point
of view
it's your story
after all
you can't please
you respectfully told
your family in advance
that's all you
should have to do
cool shades, Doc

Paula said...

I'm so glad your surgery went well.

Lori said...

I am so glad your surgery went well. Glad your computer is doing better too!

Connie said...

Glad your surjury was a success.
Your book-your thoughts-your way!

Barb said...

Hi Gerry, SO glad that your eye surgery went well. I have very small cataracts plus an issue with the retina of one of my eyes because of my diabetes. I know someday I'll be going through eye surgery. Hopefully,in yrs. The retinologist looks at me every 3 mos. Each exam costs my insurance co. $1130.oo! I don't know what people do without any form of coverage?? My 58 yr old bro had cataract surgery & said it is amazing how much better he can see. I'm 55. I hope to wait a while.
What a thrilling prospect of writing your memoirs. I know that if I were to do the same thing that my brother or more likely HIS WIFE would be the one most objected to the idea. They are very important people in the tiny little burg they live in. Writing about my parent's (esp. my father) alcohol soaked existence. And the beatings with the belt that we (mostly me) suffered at his hand would surely "tarnish" their version of the Life of Riley. I have no such plans though. I do think that as creative a writer as you are & the colorful life you have lived & the trials you have been through would make a very good book & I for one, look forward to reading it. There are a lot of small publishing houses out there so don't hesitate to beat the bushes, so to speak. Take care & I'll try to catch up with you again soon.
Luv n Hugs, Barb *queenb

Amrita said...

Glad to hear your surgery went well and your computer is cleaned up.

Sorry about your neighbour S


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