Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On a lighter note


Isnt this a beautiful graphic Connie made for Bohemian Cowboy. I am celebrating because the kindness of strangers and willing patrons have made it possible for Raymond to stay in Austin, Texas another month and possibly more. He will be able to put his one man show into the festival at another theater, so his sojourn in Texas is turning into a happy, productive one. He and Baby have made many friends. See his latest entry in his blog Cowboys and Bohemians called "Death, where is thy sting?"

As for me, I was rushing off to a post op eye doctor appt. just as both elevators broke down. I walked down 6 flights of stairs, and downtown to fast transit which goes faster, and barely made it in time. I walked 3 blocks to and fro to his office. I came from there and walked down to Jack in the Box for lunch, so I was tired when I got home. Doc had the camera set up and I made a video which turned out pretty good. More of a light touch. So I was glad of that. You don't need to be afraid to watch it! Ha.


Paula said...

Yes beautiful graphic and so glad Raymond had good luck in Austin.

Connie said...

Good grief-you must be fit as a fiddle.I couldn't handle those stairs let alone the 3 block walk. I hope you had a nap afdter all that,LOL.
Take Care,Love ya!!

kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

What a great graphic..I love it.
Your eyes seem a little dark where your glasses have been, but your yes seem larger than usual..interesting facial change.
You will probably enjoy being without glasses! You have quite a lively video here. I enjoyed it.
and yes, you are in good shape to walk (and talk) so well!

Pamela said...

Beautiful graphic! I am glad things are working out for Raymond. Sorry your neighbor is giving you trouble. Stay safe.
Oh..BTW....if you climbed 6 flights of stairs you must be in GREAT shape!! WOW! I'm impressed!
Have a good day!


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