Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thousands to meet Friday, January 22, at Washington Mall to protest abortion health care plan funding

This is the 37th anniversary of the Roe vs Wade decision by the Supreme Court that legalized abortion, and thousands of pro life supporters will meet again to try to stop the finalizing of a health bill that supports abortion funding. The abortion mandate coalition sent me an e-mail saying that pro life protesters are being helped to go to Washington. I got all stirred up, wishing I could go, but am having cataract surgery this Wednesday. How I wish I could attend such a rally and hear the heartfelt testimonies of those who have been working so long for this cause.
Reports are coming in now that 100,000 might be dead in the earthquake in Haiti. When you think of the dead, think of over a MILLION of the unborn killed every year in this country by legalized abortion. And everyone of those children had a corpse however small to be disposed of by a million dollar abortion industry which is lobbying in congress as we speak for a big boost of numbers, because abortion clinics have even had to close possibly due to a bad economy and no money for abortions. Government funding is bound to cause the deaths to bound back to even higher numbers than before. Do the people of America want more bloodshed by supporting such policies, for we all play a part in these deaths if we do not resist such philosophies.
I am terrified the supporters of abortion will win which includes many pro choice democrats and the President. Like him or not Bush fought against abortion. That is one good thing he did. Confusedly, let us admit, since he also went to war in two countries. He always seemed like a confused president and even a panicked one after 9/11. Democrats don't like to remember they voted to go to war in Iraq, too.
I believe that President Obama is confused, too, in his reasoning or he would not be supporting abortion. He has to be fought if supporting abortion was the price he had to pay to be a candidate. I do not think he understands that if you support such a policy in your presidency, some of the blood shed will be on your hands. Death as a solution is never a good idea. We got along without legalized abortion in this country until 1973, so what happened?
China and Russia is what happened with communist thinking, and believe it or not, some in this country joined the communist party and endorsed legalized abortion as necessary for an 'enlightened' society to progress. I was reading the other day that it is predicted China will have millions of young men who cannot find a woman to marry by 2020 due to their one baby policy, and it is against the law to have any more. They must be aborted by law if pregnancy occurs. In Russia I have read it is common for a woman to have had 17 abortions.
We call those who support abortion so ferociously left wing. When I think left wing I think communist. I used to read a lot of those left wing underground newspapers when I was living in Los Angeles back before Roe vs Wade, thinkers who had been to Northern Viet Nam, who in the early years did not see Stalin's death camps and idealized the revolution saying it was for the common people's good. So many times an ideal society is enforced with brutal zeal by people in a hurry. To me, that is how legalized abortion came about. It's a fast brutal solution to a hardship pregnancy that may haunt the dreams of those who use it, for a life time.

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tikno said...

Honestly, I do not agree if abortion has to be legalized.

On the other hand, I also understand that human's natural desire is also not easy to dammed.

Perhaps the use of contraception should be more effective and properly and this knowledge should be more socialized particularly for teen.

There's always pro and con for this matter.


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