Sunday, October 10, 2010

Angelina throws a BBQ at a Mesa Park for son Dante's visit home

What a great time we had, too. Angelina made her specialties, potato salad and salsa. Carlo handled the cooking. Silver brought fruit, cookies, ice, pop and other. I so enjoyed seeing all the kids again and taking photos of them.
We attended church beforehand and two other mothers and their children came, too, to a little park in Mesa. Angelina's mother, Cookie, was there with her BF, Robert. Jill an old friend from way back came with her two children. I didn't get a photo of Angelina's brother Joey and his GF as they arrived after dark. I love the photo of Dante with his darling little brother and sister, Anthony and Bella Rosa.
We visited and visited.
One young mother brought her baby only a month old. She had just endured a tragedy. Her husband died suddenly just before her sixth child was born. He had hyperthyroidism and reacted to the medication he had just been put on. He was only 33. The young mother has not been able to stay alone through the night, so friends have been taking turns staying with her. Angelina was going back tonight, as her mother is out of town. With six little children to care for, it is no wonder she is having a rough time. She is a very lovely girl.
I also talked to Silver who has had custody problems with her ex husband for a long time. She has been advised to leave Arizona before he gets out of prison for causing a wreck while driving under the influence. So I am going to say a prayer for her and the kids' safety.
Dante's dad, my son Dan, called for food and for his son to be brought back to stay with him until tomorrow when he returns to Calif. Dante says he loves his school, the girls. But naturally he misses being with his mom and dad. He looked so handsome. How happy I was to see him! He was making sure he went around and hugged everybody.
It was a very warm family gathering. Angelina was so animated and happy. She seems very healthy and strong since she gets plenty of exercise with her cleaning service business. She was having to do a lot of running around taking everyone here and there so I am saying a special prayer for her safety on the road and when she takes Dante to Blythe tomorrow to meet his Aunt Stephanie to return to California.

Photo IDs: Dante and lovely mom, Angelina, are in the header. Sister to Angelina, Silver, and old friend Jill top photo. Next are Silver's darling kids, Joseph, Rosa Linda, and Erica. Erica is so mature. She has been looking after her little brother and sister for years. Next photo is Anthony, Dante, and Bella Rosa, what adorable kids! Carlo, who is the father of Anthony and Bella Rose and Dante, next Silver and Dante, Grandmother Cookie and her BF Robert look into each other's eyes, and last is a photo of Jill with her two children, Divine and Dymond.

4 comments: said...

This is a very special and unusual
gathering. How nice to be invited.
The pictures are great.

Connie said...

Boy Dante sure has grown up and is getting sooo handsome. Wonderful gathering and photos. Glad you had a good visit.

salemslot9 said...

we have those
same tongs Angelina
is holding

glad you had
a nice time

Amrita said...

So sweet of Angelina to arrange for this get together. Looks like you all had a very good time


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