Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sarah Palin and Trig photograph inspires this pro life democrat: 'art' photo not so much

I made a video this morning, first talking about the rather strange happening in my complex to do with photographs taken of the residents, which has happened other years, but this time signing a waiver led the photographer to make a deal with an artist to do something as shown in the photo to about 12 or so of the photographs, now hanging in an art gallery. I haven't yet made it over there, but I plan to next Saturday after which I will tell you more of my impressions of the 'art'.

This result is rather shocking you must admit, which shows us the power of a photograph to inspire, agitate, upset, etc. depending on what is done with it. There are some very large price tags on these works of art, something like $3,000 or so which eased the pain for some of the residents but not all.

The next photo is of Sarah Palin and her son, Trig, a Downs Syndrome baby that Sarah knew about before birth but had anyway since she is pro life. I talk about the photograph inspiring me on my video as I am sure it will inspire others, which Sarah Palin probably intended to do. Pro choice democrats think she is short on brains, but I think she is quite great of heart. I talk about the reasons I remain a pro life democrat rather than switching to republican. This is a party with a great history of accomplishment with civil rights and gay rights. Right now it is hitting zero with the right of the fetus to feel safe in the womb until birth with a big support of legalized abortion. There are good laws and there are bad laws. Legalizing abortion did not make it a good law. But it has tempted so many people we are going to have a terrible time getting it undone. The churches have to be very strong in their leadership on this issue. Intellectual democrats try to demonize religions, but religion has given mankind many gifts. And have kept many people from going astray which the intellectuals cannot always say they have done. I think there have been religious people who have been very brilliant in their concepts of how to influence people to keep from harming others with their actions.
I credit my religious bent with saving my life. I was at death's door and angels intervened. One time I thought it was Christ who came, I will have to find out for sure when I reach the other side, but I knew only God could save me from certain death. And I was saved.


❤Connie Higginbotham❤ said...

If that photo is an example of what the artist did to the residents photos and I was one-I would be outraged myself. The so-called art should have been shown for approval to each one before use. My goodness art is NOT always art for arts sake.There is such a thing as 'good' taste and good manners.---Just sayin..........

Missie said...

I love that Sarah Palin decided to keep with the pregnancy of Trig. You knew I'd say that though. LOL

I'm not sure how I feel about the art. I for one believe that if I'm the one who took the picture, I can do what ever I want with it. If these are just pictures he got his hands on, then I believe he should ask for permission before making "art" of them.

Have a good week.


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