Thursday, October 7, 2010

Had a wonderful lunch with my daughter Ronda

She brought lunch and asked if I wanted to eat it out doors in the patio, which turned out to be a wonderful idea as I was able to introduce her to quite a few of my resident friends here.
We talked about a lot of things, including her new job which she says she likes very much. It is just the kind of work she says she was hoping to find when she graduated as a nurse. She said her husband, Chad, has been doing a lot traveling in his job, including a trip to London and to Dublin, Ireland! His company may absorb another company, so he will be even busier if they do that. Their son Ethan is adjusting well to her work schedule. I was glad to hear that. He is ten, and Jamal, my other grandson, is at ASU for his second term. My youngest son Dan moved in with him to share costs, as the fast transit is very close and he can easily get into work.
Dan's son Dante is coming for a visit this weekend. Dan said he is trying to get out to play paintball as Dante loves that, but they will try to make it downtown for a movie on Saturday. Dan, Dante, and I love going to the movies together at AMC which is just a few blocks from my apartment. Maybe we will see the one about Facebook, since we are all on Facebook. Ha. It is supposed to be pretty good. But then they will have something picked out.
Seeing my daughter always gives me a lift, so this has been a good day.

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Amrita said...

Great to have family visiting Gerry. Your daughter is very pretty


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