Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dancin' and Drummin' at the Who-o-o-o!

Sometimes action speaks louder than words. Below are some of the residents dressed up and not, getting ready to do a little dancing as the drummin begins.

In the header photo our Hud Coordinator Sharon stands by a resident with purple hair waiting for the good times to begin.
Pretty Abby is all dressed up for the show, but Harvey and Butch are just their smiling selves. PJ in a colorful Halloween hat can hardly waiting for the dancing to begin. The drummers are ready to start and finally Lois, a resident in a white T-shirt, outdoes all the dancers with her moves!


Paula said...

And is Gerry dancin'? I would if I was there.

Gerry said...

No, Paula, I was too busy snapping photos and making sure I didn't stumble and fall down! said...

Nice photos of residents at the Who-o-o.


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