Monday, October 4, 2010

Interpretation of my periodical visit to the doctor today

He thought I should have a quick EKG. After, he said my heart was running a little slow but decided that was acceptable. He wants me to come in next week for a periodical sonogram of my heart however. So I set that up. I got my flu shot and set up an appointment for my periodical fasting blood test. He wrote out my prescriptions and I was done. I interpreted my slow heart as meaning it could stop any time, but as I said I don't expect to have a whole lot of trouble dying once the time is at hand. I told the doctor I had several very bad bouts with chronic fatigue and the way I recovered and survived was by going slow. I said I do not run. I walk slow. He said, "that's fine. Maybe everybody is going too fast anyway."
I went home, buying a whopper on the way home with a free one for Doc. He had insisted on me using his bus pass. I stopped to give it and the bus pass back to him and interrupted him in the shower. Doc always comes to the door naked if he happens to be undressed, but my heart is very indifferent to that sight since I know he means nothing by it. Too much alcohol over the years has rendered him harmless.
But I am just warning you in case you happen to visit him.
It has been a week for stents at the Westward Ho. Paul Patrick's mother, Mary, had to have one stent this week. He is the subject of my last video that I am still featuring this week. She said this was her 9th one and said she had been having some angina. So far she has been able to get there before having a heart attack!
Resident Karen's BF of 17 years, the same age as my son, 56, finally went to the hospital with a 'headache' after he had been having heart pains for over a month. They did an immediate EKG on him and rushed him into surgery to put in a stent to open up a 90 percent blockage. He said they told him he nearly flatlined. Younger men don't seem to realize they can die of a heart attack if they just wait around long enough with heart pains. Anybody with heart pain should go to emergency immediately to prevent such a close call. They put another stent in the next day and he is home already, relieved and saying he is feeling fine.
My first cousin has had to have 25 stents. He must come close to having the world record. But he recovers fast and has a busy life in politics.
I think I had a relatively good visit to the doctor with nothing too alarming going on. We always discuss blood pressure, which was good, and weight which was about the same, and exercise, a pretty good summer of swimming when the pool was open.
Doc has the same doctor and says he is just too cute. I said no doctor can ever be too cute for me. That is how we ladies like them. He is in fact very handsome. He is from India.
I walked to and fro from the doctor's office, so I got some exercise! That was a plus.


Amrita said...

Dear Gerry thank you for visiting an d commenting.

Hope you are feeling OK. Do take care. My aunt Sybil had a slow heart rate, she could not afford a pace-maker so she was put on medication, 6 pills a day.
She did pretty good for 8-9 years on that.

Gosh, Doc is one of a kind. Thank you for warning me, I would be terribly embarassed if tha t hapene d to me (smile)

Nice to hear you had a good experience with the Indian Doctor.

Nice header

Vaisakh said...

Hi Aunt Gerry,

I'll pray for your heart to be in a better shape,
Nice reading your new post.
Particularity cos of my relation with the field.


Jeanie said...

Well Gerry it is good to read that they are not going to rush you in for an operation or such like. At least not yet awhile.
I got my flu shot this morning too.
I love the sound of that doctor of yours. He is wonderful!
Thanks for the warning about knocking on Doc's door. I will call on you first. hahahaha!
Jeanie xxxx said...

Mother was so mad at us all for not telling her she had congestive heart failure in her mid-seventies..especially Marge. I didn't know how we could know that until she told us! She thought she was on her way out and she was...15 years later, so I think if you are practical and keep up the pace, you have time. I had flu for a day with my shot for some reason. Usually I have nothing. I think they gave me the old-folks supper one. I am glad you are getting checked out. said...

Opps, I meant super. Stay well!


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