Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tonight I read an interview by Chip Berlet, a liberal, analyzing the tea party movement in the current Sun magazine, and here was my response

"As soon as I came to the section where Chip Berlet discusses the
killing of Dr. Tiller, the late term abortion doctor, I sort of lost
faith in Chip Berlet's ability to reason well about this subject. I am
a pro life democrat but I do not vote for a pro choice candidate which
means I have not voted for a democrat running for a major office for
quite some time.
Dr. Tiller was responsible for many late term abortions which some
people clearly see as murder because the fetus is old enough to
survive on the outside of the womb. So this always has to be taken
into consideration when the reasons for his murder are discussed, as
far as I am concerned.
Such murders of fetuses late term up to 9 months are perfectly legal
in the U.S. at the present which troubles a number of people, thank
goodness, but apparently not Chip Berlet. He seems to assume that
anybody who is sensible is for 'reproductive rights', an euphemism often used now for abortion rights.
We all have nothing really but our experiences to work from and to
claim we have some kind of insight into problems worthy of being
published and read.
Staying pro life scotched my career as a writer since the media went
pro choice almost as soon as the news went out it was legal. It was
then left up to the churches who had preached strong words against
abortion to see that at least among their members abortion would still
be considered wrong no matter who legalized it.
"Reproductive Rights' meaning legalized abortion is only 37 years old
in this country. As I see it the churches did not lose their
integrity nearly as fast as the media did. And some of the churches
have managed to become strong influences in the fight against
legalized abortion, believing that taking life if not punished in this
world because it is legal will be in the next where people will have
to face what this law helped them to do.
It amazes me that democrat liberals can be so sure they are right in
their strong support of 'reproductive rights' even when any feeling
person is going to be a little daunted at the thought of abortion
legal up to 9 months. These liberals scare me and have from the start.
A baby moves inside you, you know that baby is alive, but the
believers in 'reproductive rights' do not listen to any arguments
about it being wrong to kill them. That constitutes scary people to
me. They sanction murder in the name of population control, whatever.
And yet they talk about those scary right wing people out there as
though the 'reproductive rights' late term abortion supporters do not
even resemble them. I have found out that a democrat liberal who
considers himself very intelligent, supporting legalized abortion, is
not ever apt to admit anything is wrong with it. I have been an
abortion protester since 1973 and I would ten times rather deal with
somebody capable of praying at an abortion clinic than I would
somebody who can't understand why anybody would object to 'reproductive rights, and is apt to get very mad and dismiss you as a non entity if you persist with your arguments. That person is probably going to have to have that law overturned without ever agreeing.
Following the line of least resistance and becoming pro choice is a
better way to become successful in this country, get your book
published, get interviewed in the Sun Magazine, but that doesn't make
you that smart or with a whole lot of integrity. It also might mean
you don't like to be different or out of step or have successful
people sneer at you and reject you.
Sometime you have to make hard choices in this life to do what is
right and talk about it and write about it. I write protests of
legalized abortion in my blog. I made videos protesting on my you
tube channel. I do not expect to get famous or rich doing it. I am
doing it because it is the most intelligent thing I think I can say in
regard to reproduction. I have never let anybody snow me on this
issue. To me an abortion is wrong because it requires bloodshed.
Legalizing it means that enough people gave up on mankind being able
to save the unborn and manage and tried to make it okay to kill them instead.
We all know that legalized abortion came in the back door so to speak
through the Supreme Court. Unfortunate, but true. The people did not
even get the chance to cast their vote. More people protested the
decision than ever had with any Supreme Court decision but the deed
was done and now millions of deaths later are we better off?
Population controlled. But at what cost. Intellectuals will never
get this law reversed, which is why people learn to distrust intellectualism. A person of many words and many thoughts can also lead you down the wrong path.
The Churches might if enough people are influenced by them. I was
frankly influenced by them. I was raised a Mormon which is strong
against abortion to this day, and I grew up reading all the stories I
could find about Catholic saints and Catholic history. I take from
churches what I think is powerful and strong. I think most people try
to do this. If they are really intelligent enough to value integrity more
than they do worldly success. There is nothing I love more than brilliance,
and I found brilliance in the so called religious at a very early age.
The appreciation of anything religious did a nose dive in the media
when abortion was legalized. What does that tell you about what
legalizing bloodshed does to people's thinking?
I say man is capable of more than pro choice people believe they can
be. For one thing the saints learned a long time ago that sometimes
abstinence from sex is necessary so as not to do harm. The sexual
revolution required legalized abortion to come into full flower, so
everybody could have all the sex they wanted to and not have to suffer
unwanted pregnancies. What is the superior idea of the two? The more
advanced? As soon as abortion was legalized the numbers of the
unborn killed skyrocketed. Good laws enforced keep people from
killing. Bad laws give them license to do so. Churches from time
immemorial have taught that restraint and sacrifice is sometimes
necessary to keep from doing harm to others. That is a great principle, not doing harm to others, not understood by everyone it is obvious. Abortion does great harm to the developing human being. And that's not wrong? Where is the good thinking here?
Holocausts of the unborn are going on all over the world but many do
not choose to see it that way. It must be difficult to see such
bloodshed in a rosy light as necessary but it is being done."

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I hope your letter is published in the Sun. Good thinking.

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Life- the ONLY choice...


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