Thursday, October 28, 2010

We wear masks in more ways than one!

As you can see I did find an eye mask over to the Farmer's Market. It was only $6 so I thought that was a good price. I was thinking as I bought it how I have always been fascinated with masks, being in theater for one thing, and because we all have to mask our feelings at one time or another. I have sure been masking my feelings lately down in the patio as my aggravation has increased. A new person has joined us down there every day for hours and she is a very extroverted personality with a lot to say and a bombastic way of saying it. I also know from her past she is very hot tempered, so I am trying to think of a diplomatic way of telling her she should show a little interest in what someone else has to say once in a while. As it is, people are not entering the conversation at all unless they are very hardy, and the patio round table has gone down a notch in content and interest.
I have also been worried about members of my family and sometimes we have to mask what we are really thinking in order to deal with crisis. We have got to be very diplomatic when people are hurting. Especially the young, so I have contented myself as I sometimes do with sending telepathic words of encouragement and am also trying to iron out past conflicts that way so as not to say anything to anybody I should not until the crisis has passed. Well, I won't then. Some conflicts are deep seated in the family especially when there is divorce. Divorce is a good indication that these conflicts are not going away easily and may continue to do harm for years.
Now I must go down to Doc's who is going to play Obama's appearance on the Jon Stewart show back to me. I will see you later and tell you what I think. Obama is sure to be wearing a good presidential mask for the people. I will see what I think of it!
PSS I watched President Obama on the Jon Stewart show which I really enjoyed. If anything I think President Obama is focused almost too hard on improving our way of life with his term as president. He had a hard time relaxing enough to enjoy himself on a comedian's show for heaven's sakes. Jon Stewart of course enjoyed himself immensely and got the president to relax and smile a little bit. Better luck next time. But I think the president is wearing a terrific presidential mask which will probably help him win his next term, if he keeps this up. I think he is very intelligent and is working very hard to do a good job. I will let others re-elect him as I continue to cast my vote for a pro life candidate. I have to put pro life as a high priority because we must have more working on this cause to be able to bring down the abortion deaths.
I am afraid as intelligent as many democrats sound, like Jon Stewart and Barack Obama there is still the fact that there is popular intellectualism and then there is the tough unpopular kind that republicans don't get behind enough either. The kind that supports life and rejects death as a solution. Good people have to be supporting bad policy for it to stay the law, and a lot of people have to get behind reform for a violent solution to a problem to be rejected. So the work never ends as long as this law goes untouched.
This is why I paid tribute to Sarah Palin and her son Trig. She lived up to principle by bearing this son and taking him about with her. She doesn't have to say anything. Trig speaks volumes for her cause. Pro Life.


Paula said...

Like your mask Gerry. Sorry your round tabe has been engulfed by someone who hogs the conversation. Hope the others doesn't leave because of her. I know you must enjoy the company every day.

Amrita said...

I lik e your mask.

The patio is quite a place. Be careful with the loud lady. Don 't get yourself hurt.

Obama is aout to visit India very soon- next month.

Gerry said...

An old friend of hers and mine told me today that she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor that is inoperable. So now I know that I will go very easy. Maybe that is why she has been living out there. She is trying to connect more.

Have Myelin? said...

...a brain tumor, eh? I always say when "normal people act irrationally there is a rational reason for it".

However most people are too dense to think what that reason might be.

Have Myelin? said...

Oh...and I love your mask! =)


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