Saturday, October 23, 2010

Farmer's Market, think I will go to the movies, and catching up

Purchased my tomatoes and cucumber plus some fresh green beans, onion, a can of crushed tomato, and hamburger for a stew next week. I also got a couple of apples and pears. I needed a loaf of bread, wheatberry, and that was about it.
I always enjoy my trip to the Farmer's Market immensely. I talked to the girl who made my cap in the header photo. She is going to take it in slightly so it won't be too big. I am going to have her make another color for me sometime this fall as I like to wear caps all winter. These are caps for African American ladies made by one, but I like something different in a cap, and I just love my brown one. She said she didn't bring her sewing machine today so maybe next week. Then I might order a blue one. I loved the one she was wearing.
To get in my walk while enjoying myself at the end of it, I decided to take in the matinee movie today. I am thinking I will see "Sea Biscuit" or maybe "Hereafter," the latest output by Clint Eastwood with Matt Damon. I love Matt Damon. I will see which one wins when I get there, the horses or the hereafter. I was going to see "Social Network" but that might appeal to the younger crowd more, I am thinking. I am just barely up to looking at the photos of my relatives and such on FB even though I love it for that.
I had a skirmish with Doc and he nearly lost his secretary but today I decided to let bygones be bygones. What he did was make a 40 minute film of himself getting drunker by the moment and then he insisted I come down and see it in the afternoon on the off chance it might be a masterpiece. He is always hoping that he can do things drunk, and his brilliance will cause him to create a work of art. It never happens. I could not believe what I was seeing. I finally got so disgusted I wouldn't watch it any more saying I did not need to see him making an a--- of himself on film as well as in everyday life. People do not realize or maybe they do that Doc is shrewd enough to try to make movies with me to make himself look good and I insist on making them in the morning when he's most apt to be sober, so he can come across as fairly sane.
He called and said he suspected it was no good but wanted to make sure, so he erased it. I maintained that he was lonesome in the afternoon and wanted company. Sometimes his life with the bottle gets dreary even to him. I was not even able to get out of bed yesterday morning after seeing this movie, so he did not get the services of his secretary. That probably alarmed him.
Today, I bought the paper, took it to him, and got the money for tomorrow's paper, and soon left to go to the Farmer's Market after checking his mail and reading to him a message he got from Christine, his daughter. This cheered him up. He was grateful I did not rant and rave today but decided to move on.
I sincerely wish Doc could be the filmmaker he desires to be, but he can't do it with his brain logy from alcohol.
I did talk to my son Raymond yesterday who is celebrating a year of sobriety. He has celebrated several of these in his life, but he hopes to extend these years now, and maybe he can. He is coming to Phoenix in November and visit and perhaps do a show, and then he plans to go back to Austin for the winter. His GF from Austin came to Boulder for the summer music festival and for the writer's workshop in the fall. She took some wonderful photos of Boulder. Raymond said Boulder is glowing with the yellow leaves of fall at the moment. I cannot think of a more beautiful place when the leaves turn. I heard his dog Baby barking as she danced in the hose from the water. That is when she does her tricks.
My sister Linda also called from SF saying she is still looking for a new place to live after having been driven from her apartment with something she is highly allergic to, possibly mold and a gas leak, too. There was a big gas explosion in a residential neighborhood not far from where she lives where the people complained of smelling gas, but nothing was done until it had pooled enough to explode and destroy several houses and kill some people, so right now everyone is very wary of gas leaks in San Francisco.
I think that is all my news for now. Ta Ta and I will be back tomorrow with a film report.

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❤Connie Higginbotham❤ said...

Gee Gerry...sorry about Doc being such a pill..wish he could see the err of his ways..good of you to stick around now and then though...attagirl.... :-)


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