Saturday, October 9, 2010

First Farmer's Market Mums! Grandson Dante in town! Son Gary with a job crisis!

I just could not resist the first fall mums at the Farmer's Market for only $3! I buy flowers from the same little gal all the time. She had late season watermelons for $5, too, so I told Doc about them. Doc gave me $5 to buy him a couple of tomatoes and whatever else looked good. So I got him some ripe on the vine and then I purchased a reuban sandwich with pastrami, cheese and cole slaw on rye, and we shared it for our breakfast. Umm good! It cost him $3. I have told him that I am placing him on my charity case list and will visit him each morning to see how he is doing. There have been so many drunks in my family I know that they need relatives and friends to come by even when they don't quit drinking as they should. They are still human beings dying slowly of a terrible disease.
Doc's other drinking buddy who fell down and broke his arm after he left Doc's apartment very inebriated appeared in the patio yesterday after a month in rehab, his arm was broken so badly. Doc has vowed he will not let him come to drink any more. I was glad to talk to Dave a little while and he seemed glad to be home. He did not know where his son Rick had gone, maybe back to the Navaho reservation. He had a wreck on his bike and cracked his ribs about the same time his dad fell into the bushes and broke his arm. I have been concerned over Rick's being out of work, too, having suicide thoughts, and a drinking problem. I hope he is okay.

The other good news is wild Dante is back in Phoenix hanging out with his dad this morning. I need to stay home this morning to see if they come by so I can go to the movies with them. They are out in Tempe now and his dad was going to try to take him to play paintball. He has already been on Facebook saying it is good to be back in Phoenix again. He has missed the place.

I received a call from my oldest son Gary, 57, who said he blew up at his boss who has been harassing him unmercifully and got fired. He is an estimator and his last bid for a job only came in second which was not acceptable to his boss. Gary said he has been working 11 hours a day to try to bid jobs to keep the company in construction work, and his boss has been irritable with all the stress of the economy and not that many construction jobs. The competition is tough. Gary is getting his resume together to go to other companies to try to find another job as an estimator. He has been a foreman and supervisor on construction jobs many times, but he would rather have an estimator job.
I hope he can relax and paint pictures and write poetry for a few days. Those are his hobbies when he is not working. He had a heart attack not long ago and had to have two stents, so I don't think being yelled at is especially good for his heart. He gave me his new cell phone number as he no longer has the work number I used to call. He said he is still not smoking, but is chewing. He is an alcoholic, too, so I check on him periodically even if he does not quit drinking as he should. I am his mother, after all, and would never abandon him. Guess he got the drinking gene. He has plenty of ancestors with it.
Always smpn' to worry somebody.
So that's my Saturday news for the day. Remember, check out your nearest Farmer's Market for the freshest fruit and vegetables! Everybody was happy over to mine this morning because of the hot weather finally leaving us in Phoenix. More vendors will be returning.


Paula said...

Your flowers look pretty and the price wasn't bad. I've been thinking I should get some for my porch to "fall" it up a bit. Dante is looking cool too. Haven't forgotten you just don't get around to commenting all time.

Larena said...

Oh the flowers look down right beautiful. I have been so anxious to get all my beds planted. I was glad they weren't in the other day when we had such a cloudburst. The hail ripped up some bushes and we had lots of leaves and small limbs to clean up , but no real damage. Was Candy's place okay during the Flagstaff tornadoes? I thought about her as she is about the only person I know up there anymore.

i was amazed to see Gary's photo and see how much he is looking like his dad nowadays.It is very tough in the job market right now, but I think estimators have very stressful jobs with out having a crabby boss. There are so many people depending on them to keep them working and the line they have to walk is so tight. too high, they don't get the job, too low the company looses money. Gary will have a very good resume though, so that should help him. Hope the right thing comes along for him is good that he has quit smoking which should be better for his heart. I wish him all the luck possible.

Hope you get to go to the movies with Dan and Dante today. I'm sure you are missing being at Cheryl's work shop. I would have loved to join them. Joyce just called and she is having the hardest time of all accepting the fact that I may not be able to travel that way again. They have built such a beautiful house in Huntsville, which I did get to see but now she wants me to see it with the landscaping in.

It is good you are keeping track of Doc. He needs your company.

DB said...

Sons, mums and drunks. You've got your hands full.


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