Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Son Raymond and I sing to a karaoke party in 2001

I am springing this surprise on my son Raymond who will be headed for Phoenix in the next couple of weeks. He is always saying he is never ready for a video so I went back in my videos and found this karaoke party and filmed some of it off Doc's big TV. Doc persuaded me I needed to put me in it, too, so Raymond would accept it better. He looks very young and handsome in this video so I am sure he will just love it. I was with Pierre, King of Karaoke, who is sitting beside me as well as my sister Linda now in San Francisco. She used to attend all our parties. Pierre is gone but Doc hasn't left this world yet, and helped me film. He says he never knows what I am going to want to do when I walk in the door in the way of making videos.


Cheryl said...

Enjoyed the karaoke. Your hair looks really cute in this video as well.

Amrita said...

Altho it took a very long time for me to load the vid bacuase of my slow connection. I enjoyed watching Raymand and you sing.

This must be in Westward Ho.

Gerry said...

Yes, this was a karaoke party in the Westward Ho when Pierre was doing all his karaoke parties for the residents. A Labor Day party had a lot of funny footage, but decided I better stick with this one.

Have Myelin? said...

I enjoyed that! Love how you smile so much too. =)


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