Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We are getting ready for Halloween in the WHo, or I am anyway

Seeing my sister Linda King on the karaoke party video reminded me of all the parties she attended with me at the WHo. This Saturday will probably be the first big Halloween doings she will miss at the Ho she would love. A party featuring Dancing and Drummin' would get her all excited, except she still has numb hands and feet, she says, so don't know whether she could dance as she used to, for hours at a time. Time changes everything! I just got word from her son Scott Dylyn Hall on the family site that she has found a new apartment to move into after developing a frightening allergic reaction to hers from either mold or a gas leak or both! He also posted a flyer on the family site of an unveiling she is having of her latest sculpture of the poet, Jack Hirshman, plus another poet named Neeli Cherry she also sculptured. She and both of these poets will read their poetry as well. Her son Scott is helping her with this. He also reported that he has sent her screen play about her life with Bukowski to another movie producer who is said to really like Buk. He worked with his mother on the script so has a vested interested in getting it produced!
In the photo below she and I are standing at the entrance of the Beat Museum in San Francisco on a trip we made there three years ago. The tall figures are Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassidy, the beat poets and writers and close friends. Jack's most famous novel is "On the Road."

Well, I am going over to the Wednesday Farmer's Market this afternoon to see if I can buy an eye mask. After many years, I can actually wear one! Look, Ma, no glasses! I can hardly wait. I was always blind as a bat in a Halloween mask so never liked to wear one. There won't be as many vendors on Wednesday, but I will see if the one is there I noticed last Saturday.
I hope everyone who has a mail-in ballot has voted. They are begging for us to get our votes in there, otherwise it is going to cost money to count them if they are not mailed in early. Arizona can't afford it!
My niece Cheryl just had a hysterectomy two days ago, but is recovering well. Raymond is over to Boulder tending the dogs until she returns. He has been too busy to clock in I take it. He said he still has a lot to do before he can head south where the snowbirds all go when it gets frosty in the cold places!
I called my son Gary who says he is waiting for a phone call to go to work for another construction company as an estimator. He says he is getting bored now, so needs to get back to work. I hope the phone call comes soon.
A bunch of residents I see are thriller readers and have filled our library with copies of the latest as well as older ones. I just read "Storm Flight" by Mark Berent which I thought was one of the best of the many I have read. It was all about the last days in Viet Nam written by a former pilot. I think this guy writes very well about the piloting of the fighter planes as well as the B-52 bombers Nixon sent to bomb Hanoi to persuade them to meet the U.S.'s terms in ending the war and releasing all the prisoners of war. I recommend this writer. I am going to try to find more of his books. I get library books, too, but in between times I stock up on the thrillers I have not read in our little WHo library. I don't know what I will do when I catch up on all the thrillers. Then I will really be scrounging for something to read. Maybe I will be inspired to write rather than to read! I hope so.

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