Saturday, October 23, 2010

Palin makes a quick stop in Arizona, is photographed carrying Baby Trig

I don't really pay too much attention to what Palin is saying, but I did like that photograph of her and Trig. Trig is her Downs Syndrome baby. I listened to her speeches on a number of occasions when she was running for Vice President as picked by John McCain who if you remember ran for President. That seems like a long time ago. I read what she had to say when she resigned as Governor of Alaska. She sounded like she was very tired and needed a rest.
Sometimes it seems to me that the democrats pay more attention to what Palin is saying than those who might vote for her if she should by some chance become a nominee. And Glen Beck seems like such an extremist. I have watched him on a video or two, but like some of the other famous conservatives on TV or the radio talk show circuit, I think a lot of what he says is to grab attention, and people who listen to those circuits which I don't probably stay current with what he is saying.
I think the democrats are wasting a whole lot of time analyzing people like Beck and Palin because I just don't think that's going to do them much good when it comes election time and will probably do them some harm. They are associating themselves with people I don't think will have a lot of influence in the next election. Palin has possibilities, but a whole lot has to happen before I think republicans will embrace her as a candidate next time. McCain's thinking that she would bring a fresh viewpoint into his run for president was I think done knowing he was very apt to lose this election, so I thought he was having a little fun with his surprising choice. Women certainly liked it. A new republican star was born, but we have had those stars burn out fast before and in all likelihood that will happen with Palin. I just don't see her being able to maneuver her way into a top position again.
Democrats rave and rant about the stupidities of these flamboyant personalities as if republicans themselves don't see their faults and failings. My word, I have tried many times to listen to conservative talk radio shows and have had to give it up as a bad cause even when I hoped to be able to like them and tolerate them a little. I think TV or talk radio fame seems to be bring out the worst in some of these conservatives. Many ordinary people I know share this opinion and wouldn't listen to them if their life depended on it. These people might vote republican and then again if the candidate appealed to them they might vote democrat, too, as obviously quite a lot of people voted for Obama last time or he couldn't have won with such numbers. It might be different this time.
Democrats ranting and raving about the stupidity of famous conservatives are not easy to take either, in the limelight trying to earn themselves a little fame. I wouldn't put it past one of them to accuse Sarah Palin of using Trig in a photograph for political gain. Even if she was, that doesn't bother me. I know Trig is going to be tough to raise and it looks like the family is doing a pretty good job of taking him about with them and making him a genuine part of the family. Some political figures have tended to hide such children away, so it is refreshing to see a famous mother who does not.
Famous conservatives or liberals tend to become caricatures of themselves in time. If there is anything wrong with their thinking the people around them are apt to pick it up fairly fast. People who love the limelight such as Glen Beck or Bill O'Reilly or Rush Limbaugh simply aren't going to go away fast. They are going to try to stay as famous as possible, we can depend on it, but when it comes election time I think people tend to want new faces, people they aren't sick to death of from seeing them in the limelight so often. I think that is why Obama zoomed past Hillary Clinton. She had been in the limelight too often. People were tired of her. Having her as First Lady for 8 years, with all of Clinton's problems caused people to vote that she take some more retiring position. The press has not paid a whole lot of attention to her as Secretary of State. By the same token nobody has hardly paid any attention to Joe Biden, so much press time has been taken up with trying to figure out what Obama is all about.
He still seems kind of mysterious which may be a good thing. He might seem more interesting still than anybody the republicans can come up with. It is very hard to become that new face with thoughts that intrigue the public enough to get their actual vote. A presidential candidate has to fill some big shoes. I think Obama has managed to seem presidential which is quite a feat, despite all he has been criticized for doing. I wanted a health care plan for everybody. I thought it was bad to short the workers and their children while being so generous to the aging and the disabled. But the cost of all of this is what is proving tough. How are we going to come up with the money, trim costs, and still bring down the national debt? Very valid concerns, I think.
I have not seen any magical person emerge from the republican ranks yet that I think can defeat Obama. I don't think the democrats are helping him as much as he is helping himself. I just don't think he is making major mistakes, while some of them are. All of this bitching going on about the stupidity of these awful republicans is down right unpleasant. Obama is going to get elected despite such tactics, because he has not really been doing it. A columnist in the Arizona Republic today accused him of being an 'intellectual snob.' If that is the worst thing he gets called, I am afraid that won't be enough to defeat him. I think he is being too cautious to make that moniker stick. He is just not being snobbish enough. In fact, the idea of him being an intellectual snob makes me smile. I think he is as a matter of fact bending over backwards not to seem like an intellectual snob, while a lot of democrats just can't help themselves. Intellectual snobbery comes natural to them.
I have supported such unpopular causes I cannot be accepted in any group of intellectual snobs. I have been booted out of those groups over and over again. I just accept whoever can support my unpopular causes as my truest friends. And I vote for the candidates I think support my unpopular causes best. I figure their thinking is good and solid. They dare to be unpopular. They dare to be religious, as I am frankly religious even though I am not allied with any church. I was raised a Mormon, but did not agree with some of their doctrine and ways of handling certain issues, but on some issues I regard them as very strong.
I think religion has brought mankind many gifts as well as troubles, too. I think people all too often go astray when they try to get along without it.

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I also think Sarah Palin interesting in how she handles and loves trig. Bristol who is struggling to really dance in Dancing with the Stars has her baby to raise also. Her focas is abstinance for the young..and not having unplanned pregnancy which I find very appealing in the midst of the sexual revolution of the very young. Who will listen? I do think she sounds very clear-headed with the obvious fact that she was not. I am enjoying that political family trying to improve each mistake. I really don't want Sarah Palin as President although I can see Trig playing in the oval office. Getting votes.


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