Monday, October 18, 2010

Photo Gallery of WHo patio people

Daniel is in the header photo sitting at the patio table where we gather. He is one of our liveliest and most outspoken residents. He always has something interesting to say. Plus he is my close neighbor so we see each other on our floor coming and going.
I tried to place the description and the name to the right of the following photos. I have run into a problem putting the description by each name, as on my computer this comes out different than on Doc's, so I can see why a viewer in India had trouble telling what description matched what photo.
So I am going to put the names up here and some description. So they won't get all messed up and come out the wrong place. Putting the name under the photo does not work either. It still comes out wrong.
The first photo is one of the oldest residents here, named Ann. I have known her for years.
No 2 is Joe, a nice guy who lives out in the patio so he visits often.
No 3 is Sarah, who used to be my neighbor on the top floor. She had to walk bent over her back was so bad. In a scooter she has gained weight but she has the bluest eyes and the sweetest smile, and used to tend her grand children all the time.
No 4 is Carol. She and I both sold coffee and donuts to residents. I would like to steal that purse with the butterflies. Her sister made it.
No 5 is Lenny hardly ever seen without his dog Daisy running along beside his scooter. Daisy looks you right in the eye when you speak to her. I like that in a dog.
No 6 is Gary who came from Montana and doesn't know if he likes mixing and mingling. He sometimes leaves when I come as we have had a few clashes, but I like his hat!
No 7 is Jennifer in a beautiful white dress. Very stylish, she warms with a smile.
No 8 is Maureen, our blond staff member who chats and smokes with us in the patio. Love this outfit she's got on.
No 9 Dave in the green shirt, now sober and straight, a pleasure to talk to with his observant eye and good sense of humor.
No 10 is a new resident another Mike who looks 25 but says he is 42.
No 11 Ron Oliver in my favorite tye dye shirt. He recently lost pounds. Kudoes!
No 12 is Kevin, an artist from Utah. We always joke about being incarcerated when we were going to the U of U when we were artistically insane, but it ruined our reputations.
No 13 Mary who has the distinction of being the mother and caregiver of Paul Patrick and a warm healing presence in the patio where she knits and crochets as she chats.
No 14 is Kansas City Mike who fought comas and paralysis from a bad car accident to walk again. He is determined!
No 15 is Richard, BF of Karen, who had a heart attack recently, nearly flat lined before they could get a stent into him, but he has kept the nurses and the WHo patio people in stitches talking about it all, as he was determined to die laughing.
No 16 is Barbara Cheney who has passed out poor people's food boxes to us for years. She is a volunteer par excellence!
No 17 is Australian Mike. He has been here six months. I love his darling accent.
No 18 is Bicycle Mike. He is hardly ever without one of his bikes. No wonder he is so trim.
No 19 is Apache Bill, one of my favorite swimming companions, and the victim of a devastating stroke some years ago while he was sitting in his 18 wheeler at an intersection. He learned to walk and takes good good care of himself. To my mind, that's real courage!
No 20 Butch is the last one who I snapped in the elevator. Couldn't miss taking a picture of such a photogenic man.


Have Myelin? said...

Love getting a look at the peeps!

Bed bug meeting? I hear they're bad in Denver. Yikes.

Amrita said...

So nice of you to show u s your neighbours. Interesting group. Gary is very handsome.

Wish the description went with the photos , it would hav e been easier to place th e folk.

Gerry said...

Amrita, the description and name I tried to place to the right of the photo. Had to go back and and push them up and down a while.

Jeanie said...

That was very informative Gerry. It was good to see what your neighbours looked like. Especially if you bring them into your writings at another time.
Jeanie xxx

Anonymous said...

I loved going to your blog this morning and finding these photos and comments! It was like all these characters you write so vividly about suddenly coming to life! This is a unique and very honest form of journalism, bravo, ma, bravo... sonny boy said...

Half of the pictures are white. I'll have to wait another day to see them all. Interesting group so far. Enjoyed meeting them!


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