Friday, October 29, 2010

Congrats to daughter Ronda for passing $550 test to become an International Lactation Consultant to add to nurse's degree

In the photo Ronda was graduating from ASU in 2008 with a nursing degree.
Since the cause of breast feeding has always been big on Ronda's list of health concerns for babies, she is very happy she has passed this big test she was studying for during the summer. She said it was fairly hard, but she hoped she had studied enough and she did. She has always had a very good memory so that probably helped. Right now she is working at a new job which might be in jeopardy if the public votes to have the funds transferred to other places in the budget that the legislature thinks might need them more. This child care help for the very young at risk might be sacrificed as other needed programs have been in the budget crunch.
I also noted in the paper that some of the restrictions on abortion that passed the desk of Governor Brewer at the beginning of the year will now go into effect including one in which a doctor must perform an abortion rather than a nurse practitioner which PP says will keep women in rural areas from securing an abortion, as physicians are in rather short supply there. But PP can no longer delay the restriction from going into effect. It has been impossible for the legislature to get any restrictions on abortion passed and into effect with democratic governor Janet Napolitano in office who vetoed them all, but once she left for her job as head of national security, Governor Janet Brewer who is pro life passed them on through. I hope to see news of others going into effect soon, too. I hope the legislature will keep finding ways to cut back on abortion deaths, keeping the cause in the news and in the public awareness.


Paula said...

Congrats to Ronda. I know you are proud of her as you should be.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful, G. You must be very proud. ~Mary said...

Congrats to Ronda. This is one test that is worth it for her! I am so glad she is our specialist.


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