Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Different ways of communicating with guiding spirits who serve mankind I think

Even to put it like this is to risk the disapproval of church authorities of many churches, but I think the principle behind that is to discredit the competition. Churches seek recognition, power, and success. I have never tried to be a working psychic because I think the same goals, recognition, power, and success, can corrupt the value of what comes to people naturally through their instincts, thinking, and dreams, many ways.
I think there have been authentic psychics whose gifts have been recognized, but I never cultivated mine for this purpose. I thought I could do more by becoming a working writer. Not necessarily a famous one. I just write every day because I see a need for it. I express myself best that way. I think I do the most good through writing.
This development may have evolved out of going away to school when I was only 13 and the only way I had to keep a connection to my family going was through letters. We didn't call long distance then unless it was an emergency. I certainly had no access to phone communication. After I married at 20, I started moving to different states to live, starting with Washington where my husband was stationed in the air force. After he got out of the service we eventually struck out for California to live. We went back and forth to Utah for quite a while, with one two year stretch living in Arizona when he worked on the Glen Canyon dam. So again many letters were written to keep a connection to family going.
Writing communication is still going on but now I use the Internet and 'social networks' like a family website, Facebook, blogging, and e-mails. I even have an online phone that puts me in touch with people anywhere in the world on the cheap.
I do most of my talking here in this complex with people who mostly do not write their communications. If they don't talk to each other, they generally do not communicate any other way except by cell phone. Not too many have those. They are just starting to acquire them.
My own children use the Internet in various ways to communicate. My grandson Dante who just came home to visit mostly communicates from Cali on Facebook. He may have a cell phone provided for him by his parents. I was thinking when his mother's family members met at the park, a great deal of cell phone calling was necessary to check on where people were. I don't know how people ever got together in the 'old days' without cell phones.
So you might think the dreams of psychic people might be too old fashioned a way to receive messages, but we all still die, despite all the miraculous ways invented to keep people alive, so some of the old style ways of receiving important messages will probably always be necessary. I used to dream a lot more than I do now when my family was young and I was trying to keep them all safe from harm. I think of the human mind as actually more powerful than the computer, if it is developed. The most remarkable dreams I have always had have been warning dreams about some future event that was usually going to affect some close family member. So far the inventors have not figured out a way to predict the future as well as some people do with a mind that can pick up these vibrations.
Most of the time I rely on my instincts to keep me going certain places on a mission you might say to benefit my family. My instinct was to go to this family gathering in the park yesterday to help my grandson most of all in his struggle to adjust to school in another state. It was obvious he had missed his family.
He seemed happy that I had gone to the church first where his mother worships and has taken him, as we have had previous discussions about the contrast between his mother and dad's beliefs. I asked him if he was attending church in Cali and he said yes, only the services were longer and more 'boring.'
Ironically the pastor of Morning Star Apostolic Church where his mother goes was preaching on his dad's all time favorite bible story of Joseph being sold into Egypt by his brothers where he grew up to be an important man who would someday save his family from Israel during some terrible famine years. He became a famous dreamer who also interpreted the dreams of the Pharaoh that accurately predicted the coming famine so they could store grain to prepare for it. Dante's father Dan was a natural born skeptic who rebelled against going to church because it was too boring, but who became a student of history, especially Egyptian history, probably inspired by hearing that bible story so many times. As children both he and his son Dante studied the dinosaurs from a very early age, insisting they be taught their names, startling everyone.
Also Daniel of the Lion's den was another favorite story, naturally, of his father Dan who had been named for Daniel. Only I shortened it to Dan so it wouldn't be so obviously biblical and Daniel was another bible character who interpreted the dreams of a heathen King.
The interpretation of dreams has figured in the bible quite prominently. These were gifted psychic leaders who were so accurate they gained fame and recognition in their time.
I always gravitated to these stories to tell my children since I was also a dreamer. Now this pastor with a Spanish last name obviously had a great fondness for the story of Joseph and was using it to preach about 'character'. He kept saying that Joseph had character, which was why he triumphed over being sold as a slave into Egypt and rose to a position of responsibility and power in a foreign land. My main objection was the sermon was too long winded, so I knew that my grandson was going to think of it as boring, too, but not so boring as the sermons in Cali. When you want to hold the interest of the young you have to figure out how to be compelling or you will lose them. I had to figure out how to be a colorful story teller, or my son Dan would immediately have found me boring. He preferred my story telling to the preaching in churches we had attended. Oh, he had to have his bible stories, told over and over. He never got tired of hearing about Joseph. Only his mother had to be the preacher. And if I had tried to draw moral lessons from these stories he would have highly objected. He would have said I did not need to do that. He 'got' it.
I recall when my son Dan decided to go sit in on Dante's classes in school because he was always saying they were boring, and he could only take so much and he would disrupt class or do something to get himself in trouble. Dan said that only about two of his teachers were able to hold the attention of their classes. The rest lost control and the kids paid no attention to them. Dan said we have to face that there are teachers in our school systems that do not have the gift, so if students like Dante say they are boring it is probably close to accurate. So he did not know what could be done about boring teachers. Kids like Dante would be blamed for causing trouble but I know for a fact if a kid is subjected to too many boring teachers, he is going to do something about it eventually. The problem of boring teachers has to be addressed if the dropout rate of high school kids is to be lowered.
I had some boring teachers in high school I just had to endure and get through because I knew they weren't going away. I remember a terrible history teacher I had who had once been a coach who never won any games, so they made a teacher out of him. His having job security as a teacher was considered more important than his qualifications to teach well. The same often holds true today.
My two older boys just as well have dropped out of high school. They ended up not passing enough of their classes to graduate, but they did like the social life enough to keep going through the motions. Neither graduated and I am sorry to say the oldest went on to a very successful career in construction after a man ran into him in his after school job at a western restaurant cooking steaks and asked him if he would like to learn the construction trade. He said yes, and the rest was history. The point was I think that learning to operate big equipment and then later to become a foreman and then supervisor seeing that materials and equipment showed up to the job sites challenged him. He did not find it boring. I was actually told he fell asleep in one of his classes in high school and did not wake up until dark, after a long night cooking steaks in a full time job he insisted on having so he could buy a car and cigarettes.
My second boy did better but that's only because when his interest lagged, I would move him to another high school where he would perk up for a while and accomplish a little something.
My two youngest kept up their grades so they could be active in sports and school activities. My daughter was student body president, cheerleader, valedictorian, in the gifted classes, and merit scholar. My youngest son Dan was a basketball player all four years. But they both bragged they never did any homework! School wasn't hard enough for them, obviously. They could get by without very much preparation.
If a kid is bored during a school class or in a Sunday sermon you cannot change that fact by brow beating him.
Some parents find it impossible to admit that a pastor's sermon could be boring, especially after weeks of listening to him. So now what? Well, it's a big problem and I don't quite know how to solve it.
I know my first two years of high school away from home living with an aunt, I was taken back when she told me I had to take an hour every day of Mormon seminary and I could not miss church! I made it through two years of bible study, the old testament one year and the new testament the next. The teachers were good and I actually enjoyed it, but I feared the third year which was going to be Mormon history. I decided the only thing I could do was get myself out of her home and down to Salt Lake to live with another relative. My great grandmother never went to church. She preferred a rousing game of Rook on Sunday to sermonizing. She was a revelation to me because some of her brothers and sisters were very religious and I am sure highly disapproved of those Sunday Rook games. Some of her sons were very religious, bishops and the like. She also had a very religious daughter and I thought she was very tough to resist all their disapproval while she continued to play Rook. She sure gave me something to think about. But I never went to church again the whole 7 years I lived in Salt Lake, but my other grandmother got me there once, I don't know how. I vowed never to return again. I didn't see how being bored was going to get me to heaven.
So although I was not quite so noisy about it as some rebellious boys I became a big problem probably in the whole state of Utah since I was given to writing about my opinions, even then, and took to defending my reaction when people tried to make me feel guilty or that I was missing something.
I developed a theory that some people think suffering through boring sermons every Sunday earns you a berth in heaven. I doubt it.
I think people have to rise up and demand better, when they get old enough and possibly can.
I certainly did not feel I could say much to my grandson which might be in opposition to what his mother might say. I decided to leave it up to my son who was his other parent to say anything in defense of his judgment. My grandson told me he went to make his mother happy while he was living in her home. Now he was going because Sunday meeting attendance was required to live in his aunt's home. Just as my aunt required me to attend many years ago. He said he likes meeting the people. He is a socializing creature, like his mother. I would probably analyze the sermonizing and tell him why I thought the sermon was a little boring to me, although it did not seem to be to most of the audience. I have tried to tolerate such sermonizing, but just don't enjoy it enough to go to church regularly.
My desire to serve is what took me to this family gathering in the first place. I wanted to show my grandson my interest and concern. I wanted to go at least once to his mother's church, so I would know what his experience there was. Many times a parent is dismayed when a teenager comes of age and quits going to church altogether. Well, if he finds it boring that is probably what is going to happen. Will that get him into trouble? The pastor might preach warnings that if he does not continue he will fall by the wayside. He might be inclined to do a little more rebellious acting up, but I don't think there is any way to keep him going to church if he is of age and doesn't want to.
I think churches must take responsibility for boring sermons. How do you keep sermons interesting? I don't know. But I do know I had to be a good actress to keep my kids interested in my stories, enough so they would ask for more.


Cheryl said...

It's a challenge to figure out how to provide your children and grandchildren with some religious background and practice when you choose not to be a part of traditional church. I do want them to understand the power of prayer and the ability to connect with the spirit for guidance. Sometimes that is harder without the traditional religion but also it may keep some of the negative parts out of the mix.

Anonymous said...

Bill M, the comedian said don't be afraid to come out if you are atheist. He said he didn't want any church built around ground zero as churches are the places where you go to get the faith to believe what isn't true.
I don't believe like Bill M. I think there is a huge unlearned area of spirit that we, or science or anyone else does not understand. I like to leave an open mind. It will unfold as we learn more. Linda


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