Saturday, July 10, 2010

Am listening to the live web cast now

I am going to be listening to the web cast throughout the day as I like to get as much new information as I can on how the fight against abortion is going. I just listened to a young activist who has done a lot. That's what you are hearing is what activists are doing and what they suggest you can do.
I worked my way to a blog and making videos in my protest years as letters protesting propaganda were just not being printed, so I had to find another way. I think just stating my beliefs from time to time in my blog and videos has proved to be the most effective in reaching people. I go back over my videos from time to time and see that they have always proved effective in getting people to watch. I have also watched a number of videos that have inspired me. I am going to embed the video I made again here as I have stated my case against legalized abortion. I will have more to report after I have listened to more of the web cast. The web cast will be available for some time for people to listen to in the future if they are unable to listen today. They made it an audio cast so it would be available to more people.

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