Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Last Station" triumph for Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer playing last days of battling old couple

I loved this movie. Helen Mirren is so good in it, playing Sophia Tolstoy. And so is Christopher Plummer playing Leo Tolstoy, the famous Russian author of "War and Peace," "Anna Karenina" and other great masterpieces. Helen Mirren is really good at throwing Sophia fits as some of his powerful followers scheme to get Tolstoy to make a new will to bequeath the income from his writings to a Tolstoy foundation. They finally get him out in the woods to sign and then he hastily leaves the estate so as not to deal with Sophia's reaction who is so upset at him willing away the income of his works. After all, she wrote out the copy of War and Peace three times as his secretary. That should have earned her a goodly sum.
In the end we are sympathetic to Sophia as Tolstoy falls ill after he has parted from Sophia who is as good a nurse as she is shrewish wife. The man who has schemed for his income to benefit the people denies her the opportunity to see Tolstoy in his last hours. Sophia has tried to drown herself after she finds out he has left her. She finally finds out where he is and goes to see him. Once he is thought to have breathed his last so he can't change his will she is allowed to say good-bye. He does rally enough to know she is there.
After his death the Russian senate returns the copywright of his works and therefore his income to Sophia who lives another five years. So she is vindicated for her many years of devotion to him, despite her fiery temper when she believes he has fallen under the influence of greedy charlatans who have taken advantage of an old man feeling guilty because of the worldly goods he has accumulated from his writings. I think he deserved about anything he got for writing such a monumental works as War and Peace.
Doc got so engrossed in this film he was even watching the scenes that had been left out. Helen Mirren is one of our most distinguished senior actresses. She shows in this film that age does not limit a good actress. She gives as spirited and energetic a performance as she has ever done. I salute her!


Missie said...

Interesting post as always. Hope you're enjoying your 4th of July!

DB said...

I am glad to see you praise an older actress. I have a couple of friends who are trying to convince me that my performing days are over. They want me to check into the Actors Home in New Jersey and quit. I'm fighting against it tooth, nail and eyebrow pencil.

D said...

I can remember some 'words' of Grandma and Grandpa..she scolded and he listened. Or he yelled and she listened. Not like pa and ma who never listened..but had their say at the same time. Great header..I like it. Enjoy the memories!


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