Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's News: green pool, great books, and headers

Don't you just love the jeweled broach header Connie sent? The new template allows the animation to show. She also made the graphic about the spirits. I love her boldness when it comes to my personality. Today is a good day to show this one and there will other times in the future, too. Tomorrow is the live web cast all day long Ending (See my blog list) The spirits will be there for it is their dearest wish we end all forms of premature death on this earth. We had just got our life expectancy up until most families may go quite a few years before experiencing a death among their members. So why did we take the downward turn toward using death as a solution for a problem pregnancy? This is a primitive brutal solution in every sense of the word, and we also denigrated so many teachings that had been in place for years such as abstinence as the only sure way for teens to prevent pregnancy. We allowed some 'forward' thinkers to get the upper hand, but a violent solution is always a step backward in the end.
I also just got through reading probably one of the most compelling books of history I have ever read called Somme about the terrible fight England and other allies put up in France to take back Somme from the Germans in World War I. The book was written by Martin Gilbert, published in 2006. I was so stunned by the terrible slaughter of so many wonderful young men that I sent it off to my family to read. Anyone who reads this book is going to be that much more against war. I wish George Bush could have read this before he invaded Iraq. And to think the Kaiser was Queen Victoria's grandson, but his generals kind of over overrode all his objections to World War. They saw no reason they could not conquer all of Europe. Hitler even fought in this location, was wounded, and after healing, asked to be sent back to the front. I am sure that he thought when the time came he could do what had not been done as leader of the new Germany. He could conquer England as well as Russia! Thank God they proved to be his match, along with America in World War II.
But make so mistake, Germany started World War I.
I also finished Dreadnaught by Robert Massie which is a bigger and better battleship the navies started to build before World War I, only this book lumbered on for 900 pages. I was able to discuss this book with my navy veteran son who had heard of Admiral Fisher who so improved the English navy. I love a great historian. These guys are such workers. But I thank god for them, or we likely would not know a thing about the past.
I risked life and limb today to return books to the library and get more which will have to do me for some time. This trip in the blazing summer heat was a killer! I try to put off all journeys except those that are absolutely necessary until fall.
I was very disappointed to see a sign up saying the pool has to be closed over the weekend. It was slowly turning green, so it will have to be shocked. We have been instructed not to eat in the pool area as cigarette butts and food bits have been found in the filters! Always somebody to gum up the works.
I went into CVS Pharmacy and as usual was disgusted with all the black spots of gum on a fairly new piece of sidewalk in front of a busy bus station. Every time I look at American habits of disposing of their gum I think of Singapore where my navy son Dan went, saying it was the cleanest city he ever saw in his world travels, and if people throw their gum in the street they can be fined and jailed! Imagine! We have got so many slobs out of control we are gummed before we start. Do you throw your gum in the street? I don't. I don't even chew gum. But a heck of a lot of other people must.


LaRena said...

i so love the spirit picture Connie sent. It tells a great story in itself.She is one talented girl. I will be watching the web cast you recommend tomorrow. It sounds like something everyone should watch. The 900 page book is a history lesson in itself. I didn't know Kaiser Bill was queen Victoria's grandson. I could never get through a 900 page book even if my eyes were good. 700 pages is about 200 more than I really like. It is so good that you can stay in and read(especially with your lovely pool being closed for the week-end.

Also I didn't know that about Singapore. Gum on the sidewalk is especially disgusting in summer in case one accidentally stps in it. Soft and sticky. Actually I have never liked to see anyone chewing gum. That's just me and they have a perfect right but the least they could do is dispose of it properly.

Thanks for being so dependable in always having a blog to read if someone gets around to reading blogs.

salemslot9 said...

dispose of my
gum properly

don't fancy a
Singapore caning

Have Myelin? said...

i chew my gum discreetly and only to moisten my mouth. i would NEVER throw it down, fact, i save the wrapper the gum came in and when i'm done it goes in the wrapper. that... in turn goes in a trash bin.

i hate to find gum on the bottom of my shoes. ewww.


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