Saturday, July 17, 2010

Listening to more sessions of the web cast and being inspired by the strength of the pro life activists

The header above that Connie made fit my mood on listening to these pro life activists talk about what they are doing to end abortion. The thought of 52 million abortions in our country alone since 1973 and Roe vs Wade is by far the worst statistic to me I can think of that we need to address. Legalized abortion has not worked. It has given parents too easy means to remove a problem with a violent solution requiring bloodshed of a human being in the early stages.
I listened to about 3 sessions the day of the web cast and I started on the first one this time when I began to listen to the recordings. You go to the web site listed on my blog list and you will see a series of sessions. Each one has a beginning and an end. To listen on line you simply click on the first place and you will see it start going around. Or you can also down load it.
These are hard to listen to, make no mistake. They are just very tough. On the first one I listened to a doctor who said he used to do abortions spoke to us in an intimate fashion, not really like a speech, but person to person. He was followed by a woman I believe her name is Gianna Jesson who survived an abortion attempt on her life, 18 hours of a saline solution when her 17 year old birth mother sought an abortion when she was 7 and a half months pregnant. She said contrary to what people might think abortion clinics tend to do late term abortions like this for almost any reason. All the mother has to do is feel stressed and this can be listed as a reason. The mother can be diagnosed as in too much stress about having this child, so an abortion is granted when the child is old enough to survive outside the womb! Also sad to say an abortion is the only thing the clinic really makes money on, it does not make money talking a woman out of one. The burgeoning abortion industry cannot afford to be very pro life, or they might see their clinics fail to make money. What do you expect? This child did survive. She says she feels she was held in God's arms during the period after the saline solution was injected as she should have had burns on her body when she was born but did not. If I remember the details right she was taken away, thought to be dead, and someone noticed that she showed movement! And rescued her although this is not generally ever done. The baby slated for death hardly ever gets rescued. We know in our hearts that is true, too.
She says that this traumatic experience rendered her hardly able to move as a baby, but whoever rescued her and took care of her who included a foster mother worked with her until she started to recover.
She has since gone all over the world telling her story, witnessing that an unborn baby is not any different than the baby that emerges from the womb except that baby is outside and a few minutes older.
Another male activist then talked about how to meet the arguments of the pro abortion advocates about the humanness of the fetus. It is simply younger. He pointed out that we do not attach more value to an older child after it is born simply because it is older. It is only in abortion that a child is deemed without value before it is born, but life begins he points out when the egg is fertilized by the sperm and begins to grow. It is alive, a human being in the first stages.
The doctor also said that a doctor is supposed to do nothing to a human being that is not therapeutic to the human being, so must go against teachings that have been in place years to perform an abortion.
Which is of course why this subject is so tough, because so many people have gotten involved one way or another in the conflict, and there are still too many I know who are thinking if we go back to only doing abortions for reasons like incest, rape, or severe birth defects, won't there be far too many reckless people having babies they can't take care of?
Yes, there is no doubt that after 37 years of legalized abortion a lot of people have come to depend on it for birth control, pure and simple. So we have gotten to be a lot more ruthless society in this process and less controlled one.
We are going to have to find that difficult control again, which we did not have a good grip on or someone would not have decided we needed to legalize abortion. I am sure that the judges on the Supreme Court who brought the legalizing of abortion about thought there were far too many people seeking illegal ones and that abortion should therefore be legalized.
As these activists do not hesitate to point out we also have many murders of those already born but does that mean we should legalize these murders? In the session I listened to two male activists were saying that the problem is people try to say the fetus has no worth, so therefore the mother who has always been the protector of the fetus can now withdraw her protection legally, again doing something that is totally not done in nature where we see mothers in the wilds having offspring every single year and always always protecting them as though they were the most valuable beings on earth. If any mothers in nature started turning on their unborn like the human being is now doing we would be very alarmed and think something had gone very wrong with nature its self. We count on those selfless mothers always being there. We are inspired by them. We love them.
So we know that we are going against nature to have legalized abortion, and that this is not right, and we should find a way to stop it. I think we all think that on some level. But we were presented with legalized abortion as a fait accompli by the Supreme Court and told we could do nothing about it. It was unprecedented for citizens to rise up against the Supreme Court and gradually just by being legal this law took over our minds and our consciences and made us feel powerless to do anything about it.
A lot of times people are persuaded to go along with what does not make good sense. People are persuaded to forget about God if we know the God who made all things is not going to approve. No, God is Nature as well. God is in the beautiful cycle of life we see and celebrate in nature.
Which is why abortion advocates had to fight the 'religious' idea of God that would not accept abortion. What else could they do? Those against it did not see how we could fight the Supreme Court. Well, we couldn't, not at first. These men were very powerful and they did change the course of history. Powerful men like them have managed to do this in a lot of countries. It was pointed out to us that this was how we were going to have to manage our modern world. For example, where would China be without abortion? Most people cannot even imagine how China could survive with all those people without it. Of course, China is communist. And everyone knows that communists can be ruthless if they need to be. That's it, when it is necessary. Or so it is reasoned.
Well, eventually pro life activists had to start saying this law is wrong and these judges are human. They made a mistake. They reacted humanly in a decision. They did not reason well. It is very difficult to reason all the time like God would. God is so strict. He is just not going to put up with a lot, so if man allows himself liberties that he knows very well a strict God would not allow, what is going to happen? A turning away from God.
Now we are at odds with God.
Now that is probably why many think the country is going socialist. The democratic party really got in a terrible bind. They somehow or another became the party that defended pro choice. And just like that the democratic party became godless. And are being accused of trying to turn the country socialist. Some say out right communist? What say you, democrats?
I am a registered democrat and I never left the party because I do not believe in those people who took it over and tried to make it a duty for democrats to be pro choice. No, even if I was the last democrat on earth to be pro life I would say that I would prevail, because I know there are many democrats who are pro life. And eventually enough of them are going to acknowledge it, they will get the upper hand. There are enough democrats who believe in God that they will not even support their own party if it looks like it is going communist.
Nobody can get along without God in the final analysis.
When we die we all depend on the mercy of God to give us eternal life. Only God can provide that miracle. Only he knows how, and the road to immortality, that is life beyond this one, is loving life, revering life, respecting it, honoring it and valuing it. We will eventually as a country repudiate legalized abortion because it is the road to death. It is not honoring life.
But it is so tough to do the right thing.
Which is why it is going to take me quite a while to get all those tapes listened to, telling us how we need to come together and do what seems like the impossible.


LaRena said...

With all the many possibilities of birth control in our modern world China could certainly hold their population to a viable amount of people for their racecourses. For that matter so could America and other countries. It is a matter of conviction. It seems partial birth abortions is a' no brainer.' How can it possibly be an okay thing to do.I hate the fact that children are abused after birth as much as anything that goes on in the world.

You think of the joy little ones bring to those who protect and nurture them and I am very convinced that work and more work on birth control is the only anser.

Have Myelin? said...

I am against abortion, period.


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