Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farmer's Market, rain, and life and controversy in Arizona

It was wonderful to have rain in Phoenix again last night, even though a thunderstorm in Flagstaff that put down nearly 2 inches of rain raised havoc in a burn area with floods. They would love the rain, but anywhere there has been a fire, rain is going to be a hazard until the ground cover has grown back.
The weekly trek to the Farmer's Market was very pleasant. I got some corn on the cob and cucumbers. I made a trip to their store yesterday so now I am stocked up with the most delicious fresh fruit and vegetables imaginable. I also got an organically grown pork roast. I have fallen in love with organic, since to me the food tastes more flavorful. I am a farmer's daughter, so I really appreciate fresh!

The paper was full of more news about how the citizens are feeling about the implementation of the new law SB1070. Even though Judge Bolton removed what might be considered the 'heart' of the law, what is left is acting as deterrent to illegals, causing some to leave and some not to come, which is more or less the purpose of it. I was reading today about a man who has been here for 20 years without documentation, has three children, and is tearful about what he could be expected to do. This is an example of how lax attitudes toward immigration have caused many to go without even trying to get documentation for years. So that is of course causing a lot of upset to them and to their kids who could not be responsible for what their parents did or did not do. But a lot of times people need to be prodded to comply with the law, so the federal government being lax about enforcement has caused big problems in my opinion, and of course this attitude has extended back through several administrations.
I saw Governor Brewer being interviewed this morning by John King on CNN and I thought that she made clear what the state is trying to do with SB1070, so even if the law is not popular with people, especially those who are directly impacted, it is still tackling the dangerous ambivalence of our government toward an important issue, even concerning our national security. What is the sense of going all out on airplane security and turning a blind eye to illegals coming from not just Mexico, but other countries as they will. That is just not common sense. Yes, we have long borders, and the problems of securing them is difficult, but continuing to work on the problem is the key!
Guess I might be accused of hammering away at an issue, but I think you have to be consistent in what you do. And you have to make sure you don't turn a blind eye to a problem. Forget about it before adequate measures have been taken! I do not think law enforcement can be blamed for pointing out how dangerous their job is having to deal with drug trafficking illegals that is not even fully acknowledged by the government or even by people who cry racist without looking at the total picture.
Dealing with illegals is not racist! It is dealing with people who come across with full knowledge they are breaking into the country hoping to get away with it. Who are doing it because that has become the accepted way to find a better life, because others have gotten away with it, doing it for so many reasons.
Naturally they are going to do a lot of reacting and protesting when this way of coming into the US and living and working here is threatened. They are going to say anything that will bother those who want to crack down on this practice. Crying racist has been a defense which citizens have taken up who oppose whatever the other party does without worrying whether it makes sense. The illegals are alarmed and hurting, because that was naturally going to happen if the practice came under fire. Their children are going to hurt. It is going to be a mess for years to come!

But that doesn't mean we can stop working on the problem in my opinion. So pardon my continued concerns on this issue. I will be reporting from time to time on the progress I think is being made. I am very encouraged by how many people have come around to the idea there is a problem. I think we tend to be a people who do not like to deal with problems. Why else would we neglect such an important issue as illegal immigration for so many years? Congress very often reflects the will of the people so if the people don't want to be bothered, the people who represent them in congress tend to follow along. Politicians are notoriously loath to go out on a limb, fearing their political careers will be cut short!
So I can't worry about my popularity as I continue to write on issues. I have dealt with thundering silences for years protesting abortion, but I felt it was wrong and that eventually people would become stirred enough to do something about a very very difficult issue.
I was just reading about all the trouble the candidate in Nevada is experiencing, Sharon Angle, a republican woman who is pro life, as every statement she has made has been scrutinized when it comes to the issues where she opposes long time democrat pro choice senator Harry Reid. Now it looks like she has a chance of unseating him! I see the latest news is that she has raced back to a tie with him! This is very good news for pro life activists. If a pro life candidate is seen as too extremist, she is going to lose ground. But I admire her courage in speaking out about the issue, even if she does make mistakes. She is continuing the work that must be done to convince the American people the legal killing of the unborn is a violent solution and again took our country in the wrong direction. Maybe she will even win this important election!

Communist countries introduced legalized abortion into their countries which eventually tempted many others to follow suit. But man has always had to work very hard to keep violence out of governmental policy. Because using a violent solution to deal with a problem can be tempting.
I see the democratic party as somewhat schizophrenic at the moment, championing legalized abortion to the point of even trying to implement government funding and propping up the abortion 'industry.' If we don't watch them very closely, they will try to get away with both. At the same time they are shouting racist at every turn as though their hearts bled for every person who is upset by trying to restrict the flow of illegal immigration. What do you make of this, without mercy on the one issue, and so concerned about needs and feelings on the other. You would think they were the kindest people in the world when they talk about illegal immigration. I say nobody is going to believe this is entirely so when the party champions legalized abortion as it does.
We have doctors doing intro surgery on the fetus to correct defects at the same time doctors are being asked to kill fetuses of the same age. To me anyone who champions abortion is not going to admit that abortion is inhumane.
Rivers of blood have all too often followed the overtaking of a country by revolution and communist thinking which is why we have come to fear it. I lived through a lot of wars. I have not forgotten those rivers of blood. Legalized abortion is a river of blood and we on earth will not be able to say we are living right until we can become a more humane people who will believe there is a better solution to a pregnancy problem than one million legal abortions in this country alone every single year since it was legalized!
I would love to be able to get along peacefully with democratic associates, but as long as they champion pro choice I can't. I have already learned that most of them get very angry over the issue. They are not yet ready to see the wrong in it. I am a registered democrat who continues to be pro life because I do not think the word democrat can cover legalized abortion. The democratic party has been taken over by those who have interjected their communist leaning thinking into it, which upholds legalized abortion and the idea that a river of blood is justified to support this belief system. Some powerful democrats have bought it. And tried to insist that all people who believe in a God that forbids it are stupid. I say it is stupid to allow yourself to be coerced into believing in a violent solution. They are the ones who have been had.
I would say that the conflict we are having now in our country has become very very important, it is actually a battle between right and wrong. Legalized abortion is wrong. Those who champion it are wrong and must be defeated. As peacefully as possible. And those who oppose it have to be very strong.
I support Governor Brewer also because she is pro life and has shown her strength by passing all the restrictions to abortion the legislature passed, as the proceeding democrat governor Janet Napolitano, did not. She vetoed them all, and thus kept those restrictions from ever even getting past the governor's desk!
I will continue to be a pro life democrat seeking to take the party back from the pro choice faction that now controls it. I won't go libertarian because I once believed in the democratic party too strongly for that, when Medger Evans and Martin Luther King and the Kennedys were still alive and pro choice did not exist. Then a democrat dared to say he or she believed in God! Now they do it knowing a real battle is on their hands, and rejection by many of their own party members.


vooman's voice said...

I have tried to commment on your blog numberous times and I am always stopped some way. I don't know if others get the same song and dance that I do.

vooman's voice said...

Wow! It worked this time. I just want you to know that I have been enjoying your blogs...right along and epecially that you are such a prolific writing and there is always something interesting on your blog to read. You could keep up with a daily colmnum. I've always known your were the writer in the family and each day proves it more. said...

I enjoy your blogs too. This one is quite thought-provoking linking abortion to 'rivers of blood' in revolution. There is a definite link.
Osgood had Chelsey's (Clinton) wedding on this morning and a segment on brain tumors and their treatment..which was interesting.
The current treatment...and how more people seem to have them.

Carlene Noggle said...

Hi Gerry,
I loved this entry...I too, like you, believe that the government has let this issue with illegal aliens go on for far too long...and yes, of course they ae going to protest...but to bring racial profiling into it is just crazy...I have seent he cartoon you included before and also like it. I was so mad when I heard that the judge struck down parts of the law and applaude Arizona's governor for standing strong.We may be getting such a law here in Ga. before long hopefully...things have got to change...
Hope you are well...
love ya,

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