Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Doc, the former cosmetologist, cuts my hair in a 'slither'

I have asked Doc many times to cut my hair, but he would always slither out of it. I did not know he was going to cut my hair in a slither until he did it. I never asked him to trim any long ends.
Perhaps he did it because I had to take over his online finance when he did the wrong thing and cost himself a couple of hundred dollars in late fee fines. Or maybe he did it because I gave him such a good going over yesterday in the scalp department.
At any rate he saved me the hair stylist fee and more or less proved he really had been a cosmetologist in one of his former lives. And I do feel so much better for a hot summer in Phoenix. He did not cut my hair short as he does not think I look good scalped!


LaRena said...

I like your new slither cut. Doc did a good job, and for free too. What more could you ask of a companion. Getting the right hair cut as you get older is quite the trial. Of course you have always been lucky in the hair department. I would hire Doc permanently if I were you. He could start a new trend with the slither.It may catch on.

Paula said...

Gosh I didn't think his hand would be that It looks very nice. said...

The sliter cut! Looks flippy and slithery at the same time. A little cooler. I think the longer cut is better too. It's good to find a good hairdresser, even if he lives next door.

Amrita said...

You look nice.
Today i read in the papers that in the UK an average woman changes her hairstyle 104 times.

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit I didn't think of him as a steady-handed guy, but I love the cut. ~Mary

madcobug said...

Love that cut. Helen

salemslot9 said...

a native american
friend used to
put lil braids
in my hair

letting Doc cut
your hair is
a good sign


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