Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I refer you to Raymond's blog Cowboys and Bohemians for a full inside report on the Boulder Heritage Festival!!

I love reading Raymond's reports on great theatrical events he has helped stage and I am sure you will, too. He has reported on the Boulder Heritage Festival this year even a little sooner than I expected after working himself into a state of exhaustion, but excitement tends to rejuvenate the insiders a little faster and success! This festival is being touted as the best yet, so the quality is going up!
He even took Baby to the festival. He wants her to become a theater dog, so he said her state of excitement has still not subsided, but she is a young dog. She may get used to these in time if she is going to be Raymond's constant companion.

Tracee, pictured here with Raymond at a Metro Arts theater event, came as she has done every year to do the lights, so that when the sun went down the Anasazi Indian Center grounds would be lighted for the remaining sets out under the stars.
Many Utah relatives attended and were part of the show. Check my blog list for Raymond's blog Cowboys and Bohemians. And hear the inside story!


Connie said...

sure wish you could go and enjoy the festival and the part your family is playing in it..time slips by so quickly,do hope you venture out there next year....

LaRena said...

The picture of Raymond and Tracee gave me a bit of a start as Raymond looks so much like Dean as he gets older. The three Utah men lost in the Superstition mountains has brought Dean much to mind. Their disappearance is much more predictable, of course.


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