Saturday, July 3, 2010

I survived 114 degrees in Phoenix just barely!

The 4th of July weekend started off Friday with a scorching temperature of 114 degrees! People were complaining of nausea, weakness and general malaise. The air conditioning broke down in another Phoenix apartment complex (not ours, thank heavens) and people were in danger. I would have had to evacuate because I could not have survived a heat wave with no air conditioning. As it was I cooled off in our big pool. I even had to sit in the sun a little bit after I got out to avoid a chill on arriving back in my apartment. But 114 degrees gets to you in spite of air conditioning and swimming pools. It's out there! It's dangerous!
Doc actually bestirred himself to go to the Farmer's Market with me this morning because he buys watermelons all summer. So we returned home with fresh corn on the cob for barbecued ribs he purchased yesterday and yes, the watermelon. I ate this delicious lunch in his apartment with him acting as waiter. Yes, Doc actually serves me food and takes away the dishes just like a regular waiter might do because he can't stand dirty dishes sitting on our tables. He is the first husband or male companion I have ever had who actually waited on me. Just think of Doc, the waiter. What an endearing characteristic in a man. It is too wonderful.
He had recorded comedy central for our watching pleasure, so after watching two comics I returned home to embed the video I made this morning out by our big swimming pool describing how I barely survived the heat. Enjoy.


Ann LRD said...

I really enjoyed your post and video! Thank You. Yes, the higher temps are dangerous if you do not have some way to keep cool! Glad you had the pool! We have a pool here for now, new owners from Texas just bought the place, so will the pool stay but like you said shyness of shocking everyone with my now body, keeps me out of it!

salemslot9 said...

I love watermelon, too
and having my John
prepare a meal for us
yay, Doc!

lovely video
your hat and matching top
with sequins shining
in the sun
hair gently blowing
in the breeze



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