Sunday, July 11, 2010

Terrible fatigue eases as a voice evokes the presence of God and you feel you are not alone in pushing the boulder up the hill to save lives

As I listened to the Ending Abortion telecast yesterday, along in the afternoon a man came on from New York I think, an activist whose faith had its origins in Catholicism, and his voice evoked the presence of God which I do not hear very often as this task of trying to end abortion has been so formidable even the churches have had a hard time focusing on it. His strength was so healing. The fatigue that I had begun to think was just a part of aging and was going to be with me now until I died began to ease. It had been making even the simplest task seem too hard to do. A couple of hours later it was gone for the first time in weeks! I felt I had had a miracle of healing I sorely needed. If the dedication in that man could do this for me, I thought, what can it do for one of the greatest and most difficult tasks this world has faced, ending abortion. Not only our country but many more have gone down the primrose path resulting in millions of deaths all over the world of the most innocent.
No woman has the right to choose a procedure that will harm another, most of all, the child she has been designed by nature to protect, but the focus has been on the rights of women and not on the rights of the fetus. I felt that many on the telecast were seeking new ways to persuade and reach hearts without harsh judgment, but love and understanding. Women have been vulnerable to those who have claimed their rights are threatened. Our rights are always threatened. Women have always had difficulty rising above the status of second class citizens. Which explains to me why legalized abortion got so many supporters among women with the idea of protecting their right to choose.
How painful it is to acknowledge that the path was lost through not acknowledging all that legalized abortion does. A pregnancy which can seem like such a burden taken away through legal means. How could something legalized be that wrong? After we have grown used to it, how can we fight to stop it? How can we instead embrace the child into this crowded world? Isn't that asking too much? Wouldn't it be better as we have been led to consider for those who have not even begun to live to die rather than all of us suffer a terrible decline in our standard of living with too many mouths to feed? Impossible!
How can we believe in a God who asks too much of us? We have to have faith. We have always had to have faith that God will provide. Do the right thing and and the way will open up.
God cannot grace us with his presence unless we tackle the job he asks us to do which is to save lives, to end the holocaust, no matter how difficult. Yesterday afternoon I understood that God can only live in righteousness. He cannot grace us with his presence when we are doing wrong. God is in the difficult. He is created by man doing the impossible.
The man who evoked the presence of God had given up his regular job to work full time as a pro life activist. He had felt his needs would be provided for if he committed himself to the job that needed to be done. How strong he felt. How inspiring. I felt a tear coming. I was not alone. This man had come to help push the giant boulder up the hill and he would not stop until the work was done. He was in the long haul to save lives.
God had called and some had answered. That was enough for now. There was still a great deal of work to be done, but after resting a few hours I would be up to a job, this little job of writing a message to inspire and help build conviction. God has blessed this movement. He will help those who have stepped forward to do what seems impossible now, but which must be tackled.

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