Thursday, July 15, 2010

Putting up with possible 114 degrees while relatives gambol at the Boulder festival in cool Utah!

Today is the first day of the Boulder Heritage Festival. My son Raymond in the first photo will be playing tonight for an old time dance with a caller with his band, "Out on Bail". I can remember people in Boulder calling for the square dances a very long time ago. Also there is going to be a mail run by horseback over the Death Holler Trail led by one of the local cowboys. The thing is to get your letter in the mail to arrive in Boulder the old fashioned way.
My sister Ann said since her partner, Tom, can't dance anymore with a bum leg, they will go tomorrow to take in the next two days of events. There will be something for everybody. I will be putting the Festival web site on my blog list so you can check out the schedule. I am even included in the story section with an account of a cattle drive I made with disastrous results on my dad's best cow horse, Sorly.
I ordered a copy of another of the books they have published this year called "Women." A number of women, including me, contributed. I wrote a piece about my Grandma King. As soon as it comes I will take a photo of the cover and write a review of it. The Ranches and Homestead history book is also on sale as well as a cookbook of local recipes. Those are always good. This one includes some beautiful local art work, too, a double bonus.
I will probably be posting more entries about the festival as I hear about it. If you check the web site you will see that a good deal is going to be going on, including a great country blue grass band called "Above the Faultline".

Great header by Connie. I am sure Irene in the sky is pleased. She (Mother) will be featured in the "Women" history. Note two Boulder Heritage sites on my blog list. One is the foundation website and one is the Boulder Festival site that takes place this year July 15,16, and 17, beginning today! Hooray. You can go from one to the other website.


Amrita said...

Looks like everyone is going to have plenty of fun at the festival. But heat must be killing. Are they holding the events in an airconditional hall?

Gerry said...

It will be very nice in Boulder, Utah, I am talking about Phoenix where I am, and today another scorcher, 115 degrees and the swimming pool not stable!

Anonymous said...

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