Thursday, July 29, 2010

I woke up this morning to Gov Brewer getting skewered and the district judge taking the heart out of SB1070, Arizona's immigration law

The New Times upset me as well as the Arizona Republic headlines. These are both liberal newspapers. I did not think Governor Brewer deserved being skewered as she was in the New times, because writer Michael Lacey does not appear objective to me any more on this subject. He has a vendetta going on with Sheriff Arpaio of several years standing, dating back to when he and another New Times executive were arrested one night and jailed. The New Times had printed Arpaio's home address which angered him to this point. Well, at the same time headlines this morning reported the SLAYING of an undercover officer as well as two other on law enforcement side hurt. I will bet the names of the criminals involved will include illegals. You know being a law enforcement officer where officers get shot at on a regular basis tends to make such officers a little more testy than most.
These are the guys we had to call when a big gang war erupted on the west side around our apartment complex and the bullets were flying. They were the only ones who could possibly deal with the gun violence. I don't think Michael Lacey has to deal with gun violence on a regular basis so I am willing to give law enforcement a pass on possibly getting too rough with him. He is not on the front lines as a journalist. Not like law enforcement is. He hasn't even been living here most of the time for many months even though he tries to sound like he has in this article.
I don't write letters of protest to either one of these newspapers anymore. They won't listen to people like me. They have their own agenda. I feel like the Governor and law enforcement represent me more than they do. I called law enforcement many times to help on the west side. They were the soldiers who had to fight for the citizens being engulfed in the violence in these Mexican neighborhoods. They did not ignore us. They always came. We had them come to talk to us regularly on what we could do to fight the violence on the west side. A Mexican man bought the complex next door and pledged that with the help of the police he would evict the gangs. I did not believe he could make a difference, but with the quick responses of the police he did. The violence got less. How thankful I was when I could leave there, after my kids were gone, but my Mexican neighbors are still there if they have not been shot.
This complex is so peaceful compared to where I lived before. My neighborhood Mexican citizens were victims just the same as I was. I am speaking up for them as well. If even the Federal government has not enough interest in enforcing its own laws, what is to be done? Let them get involved the way they need to be, as law enforcement has to be, pledged to answer every call for help.

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