Thursday, July 1, 2010

Doing laundry can cheer a person up who is down in the dumps

I thought that butterfly header might make my spirits feel lighter. It is sad when you can't go home again, but I did my laundry that was piling up, talked to some folks and I already feel better.
My niece is going to send me some of the books the Heritage Foundation is publishing which I am buying as soon as they come out. I have got one piece about my beloved Grandma King in the Women book. I have had a call in all morning to my son Dan up in my hometown of Boulder for the summer to help me with a computer problem. He is the go to man when your computer is acting up, even if he is in Utah. He called twice while I was doing laundry so now he probably won't call again for a while.

Oh oh, just stopped to talk to Dan and Raymond, my sons, who are on their way to St. George. I can tell they are having fun together. I commiserated with Raymond for being a poor troubadour and told him I was proud of him for following his bliss as Doc always quotes Joseph Campbell as saying. Dan gave me good advice about that sign on my blog from adobe flash player that keeps appearing. My sister saw it yesterday so it is really acting up. You might have seen it, too, if you came to my blog. He told me to try to taking off a widget or gadget and see if that speeded things up.

Doc and I made another video for his channel today. We made one yesterday but guess what we waited until afternoon to do it, and that is a no no with Doc. When he was supposed to lead and me follow he could think of nothing witty or entertaining to say as alcohol flooded his brain! So this morning I watched it and suggested we try to make another as it was morning and he still seemed to be relatively sober. So we did, and it was better!
On it I proposed that I go and get a job writing for New Times as my favorite Phoenix journalist, Sarah Fenske is leaving to take over the managing editor role in a New Times sister paper, The Waterfront Times. Doc knows the paper, it is in St. Louis. Two other journalists have been relieved of their jobs writing for the Phoenix Magazine, Jana Bommersbach and David Leibowitz. I have always been very jealous of Jana who is heavy, too, and used to write for the New Times. It seems she could do nothing wrong and has been a big success on the Phoenix scene for years, and I can't even get along with her. She is a flaming pro choice democrat liberal and she doesn't mind telling off people she does not agree with. I used to argue with David on Talk Radio when he was on KTAR, and he put me down, too. How two democrat liberals ended up writing for the Phoenix Magazine is hard to understand when the state is Republican and conservative. David was notorious for calling the legislators the '90 Dwarfs' meaning their brains, so that tells you what you need to know about him. He is 95 times more intelligent than most people. Anyway that is another job I might be able to secure as I am only 79. And don't have to use a walker yet. That should be a good selling point. I know Jana was at least 20 pounds fatter than I am.
Anyway here is the video we made talking about possible new careers for us or at least me writing for the New Times or Phoenix Magazine. We are starting to feel like parasites we have been out of work so long.


Amrita said...

Dear you are doing very good for the 79 years you are. My Mom turned 79 on June 23rd.

Glad you talked with your sons.

Connie said...

Parasites-oh good grief NO not you two are vital and full of vigor,tsk tsk-don't ever say that/...

vooman's voice said...

Did you know that Jana, the writer you were talking about swims with the seniors right over there at the YNCA next to you. I know she was meeting with some of those women to talk. You ought to go for a swim over their. Silver Sneekers!

Anonymous said...

G, I do believe you have a lot of life left to live--and plenty of writing left to do. ~Mary


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