Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am waiting for the green pool to turn blue

Here I am in my blue bathing suit waiting and the latest bulletin is that the pool 'is not stable.' Meaning it is only half way blue and on Thursday it will be checked again to see if the condition of the pool has stabilized. This is a very large pool and apparently all new pool help has to find this out, so hopefully it will not be closed more than it is open after being renovated from the dirt up. The heat is here with a vengeance so we are in need. The trick now is to run around the cool hall ways enough to get exercise to stay in our poor state of health at least.
I have been finding other tasks that needed attending. How can I put this delicately? I was taught as a child to do grooming on my mother. We daughters would be given a saucer of olive oil and a fine tooth comb and we would scratch her dandruff through and through. Then when we were old enough we came down with dandruff and not having handy dandy dandruff shampoo in those days those sisters most prone to it were generally scratched by my youngest sister Linda who was the best groom of all. Later when any of us got black heads or pimples she would throw in a good picking of those free of charge. She was always disappointed when people did not have black heads. I had bad skin which delighted her, and she would go on and on picking them until I would have to run to get away from her, yelling, "Enough, enough!" Some people were convinced that this ruined your skin but early on I went to a skin specialist who told me that picking a white head was the best thing to do for it as it would just surface again close to the same area. I learned from observing this was true. I was always glad I found that skin specialist.
Now Doc has dandruff that he claimed he never knew he had because he said women where he came from never did such indelicate things as try to scratch a man's dandruff by hand. He claims that because I rode horses I learned to do this. We never groomed our horses but I did have a pet pig who loved having his scales scratched, not unlike some humans.
I also bought Doc dandruff shampoo as he has skin very like mine, being dark blond with blue eyes. So after I had taken a fine comb to his scales I would have him give himself a dandruff shampoo treatment. I had not done a scalp treatment on him for several years, but he screamed just as loud as when I did it the first time. But since I could not go swimming I was bored and insisted on giving him the business until he was ready to throw me out of his apartment.
But I feel better. As you get older skin tends to worsen so I don't know if that is his problem or not but his face is even beginning to flake sometimes like he has been out in the snow.
Hmm, so then I decided to blog and having nothing better to talk about I thought I would throw out this information to find out if anyone else ever grew up grooming mother, sister? I always groomed my husbands and BFs too if I could catch them.
Are we weird or what out west? Doc claims he has only seen monkeys do this in the wilds and never humans.


Paula said...

Well lady you sure are lookin' purty there waitin'. This entry made me smile. Reminded me that my mama and daddy used to like for my sister and I to play beauty shop on thier hair. Enjoy the pool, wish I had one to get in without driving to it.

Carlene Noggle said...

We never had money to get dandruff shampoo either ...mama always used vinegar on our hair.I liked this post Gerry!!! You made me laugh out loud!!! And I thank you!

Amrita said...

Great bathing suit Gerry and your new header is swell too.

Our anti dandruff shapoos are not very expensive, I don 't have this problem, so I don 't them anyway.

People apply plain yogurt on the hair for dandruff.

Anonymous said...

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