Friday, July 16, 2010

What better time to speak to my mother, Irene?

Cute header made by Connie in honor of my mother's country store. It really did have a hitching post for a while where the local cowboys tied up their broncs while they bought some bull durm or a candy bar.

MOTHER: I did not know you were a medium although I am not surprised you have dreams and feelings about future events since I did. You may have inherited that ability from me.
GERRY: I think I probably did and expanded my activities in my own way as has Linda, your other psychic daughter.
MOTHER: I am only sorry you and Linda aren't in Utah to celebrate the festival. I wouldn't miss it.
GERRY: Since you love music and history what better event for you? Your daughter Ann says she is going to speak about your writing legacy to us daughters. A woman who writes three family histories in her life time is bound to inspire.
MOTHER: I am sorry I was not able to speak to you during the last five years of my life, but I believe the creator blocked my tongue to teach me to be silent rather than say mean things. There is a lesson in that.
GERRY: What I want to know is if you have recovered your faculties? I am studying the hereafter so I will be somewhat prepared for my passing.
MOTHER: Oh yes, we get our speech back but only if we earn it. You don't understand there, but life after death is all tied up with the life we live on earth. Life after death is like the aftermath. It is part of the whole process where only your essence or your spirit is present. We are a shadow of ourselves, but we don't need any more than that to look back and access what we did on earth. We aren't going to have children. That task is for earthlings. The job of the spirit is to go back over life and see how we could have done better.
GERRY: Hmm. Are you enjoying it?
MOTHER: Immensely. It does me lot of good to be in a meeting that your father has agreed to attend. He is not able to shout or disagree. He has to sit quietly and listen. Do you realize he never did that on earth?
GERRY: There was no one to stop him from shouting. Families might do better to have family council and see if family problems could be sorted out better that way while still right here on earth.
MOTHER: I agree. I told my dad if he had taken my troubles more seriously, your dad and I might not have fallen into such a quarreling habit that our daughters ran away and avoided us whenever they could. I am ashamed of all the quarreling I did since I can't stand quarreling. Your dad was so good at picking at a person, and I always lost my temper.
GERRY: Hmm. So you have a lot of meetings?
MOTHER: As long as they seem to do us some good. Then we take vacations and go take in what our descendants are still doing on earth. I feel like we are meant to be here today. You should see the grounds of the festival which is packed with spirits this year since the book "Women" is featuring a great many women who have since passed on. I am very pleased with how I have been represented in the book. The historians are getting a lot of play, LeNora LeFever, your Aunt Nethella, and I among them. Your Grandmother King is very pleased with the piece you wrote about her in the book. It is a beautiful day.
GERRY: I did not feel well due to the ravages of my vegan diet. Ha. I thought I would be able to react faster if I got into trouble with it, but guess I was not quick enough.
MOTHER: You always did carry things to an extreme. Linda is not here either, but I hope that another year at least one of you will be able to get here. I agree it is a very long trip from where you both are now.
GERRY: Linda loves to come back to Boulder, so she was missing the festival when I talked to her yesterday.
MOTHER: My dear friend Twila in the next town is suffering because Monday she must attend the funeral of one of her youngest sons. Like his father, he went fast with a heart attack, while she is way up in her 90's! Just think had I lived a more healthy life style, I might have lived to be as old as she is. We are the same age.
GERRY: Will you go to the funeral? It seems like even in the midst of celebration of life there is death.
MOTHER: Yes, and I was among those who greeted her son into the spirit world who is very upset that he would die and leave his family as a relatively young man even though he was in his late sixties. He knows they will suffer. I tried to comfort him. I told him they will adjust.
GERRY: Ann will attend his funeral if she can since her son was a good friend of the family as well as his mother and other brothers and sisters still alive.
MOTHER: In the meantime, we have come to listen to the histories, mix and mingle among the spirits, see old friends, and later listen to the music. Last night's music was wonderful. The spirits were even dancing! I was so proud of my grandson Raymond for playing in a band and singing. These are the kind of events we could not enjoy more. You will be missed here, but your time will come to attend, whether it is 'on earth' or as a spirit. You will see!


Anonymous said...

I talk to my Mom all the time.
Peace to you, G. ~Mary said...

I knew Mother was there...LaRae too. Gibb Smith, after he heard the tie-die song, asked us if LaRae really took her girls to California. We said yes. He said, She must have been a character all her life. We said yes! You need a book, so you can read all these songs, poems, and stories. I could hear LaRae snort when Cheryl suggested that Vernon could be a Boulder boy! (Maybe now, not then.) Love that the Boulder Boy stuck through the whole festival.


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