Sunday, July 25, 2010

"The Unsung Women who Built the West" reading a poem by my sisters, Ann and Linda

Doc and I had to make this video twice of me reading this poem out of "the Women" written by my sisters, Ann K. Reynolds and Linda King. The first time my face was too dark. I couldn't stand that, so I braved the old boy in his den (Doc) and caused him to have to waste another hour or two getting it better. I like this version and I hope my sisters do too, who have always done a very vigorous and wonderful rendition of their poem about those hard working women in my hometown of Boulder, Utah, and a lot of other towns in the west. We were raised doing all the work described in this poem since Boulder never got modern conveniences like electricity until the mid 1940's! I vowed I would never bottle again after I left Boulder and I never have! There's a reason why I developed chronic fatigue, but I am so tough I am still alive at 79 despite gittin' so tard.

4 comments: said...

I approve! I thought you read the poem very made me laugh. I think "Unsung Women" will be noticed!

Amrita said...

Ooooh that was so delightful Gerry. I enjoyed it thouroughly.

Hats off to th e wonderful women who built th e West and to you for that energetic and dramatic rendering of the poem.

Doc could not prevent himeself from getting in a word edgeways. LOL

Now the question is while the women were working so hard WHAT WERE THE MEN DOING?

Missie said...

Great poem! I'm sorry I'm behind here. It seems I no sooner get all my blogs that I read caught up I have another hundred or so again. LOL

Gerry said...

Amrita, the men were working just as hard doing the HEAVY work. They had to be away from home checking on their cattle on the ranges while the women did the chores, etc. at home. It took both partners a heck of a lot of effort to subdue the land they homesteaded and to get along without any electricity or running water. I thought the only thing the women didn't have to do the Anasazi Indians did was grind corn! Then they had to try to keep up with town folks with electricty, show it could be done.


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