Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Off to the doctor I go!

In twenty minutes I am off to the doctor. I am finishing up a couple of appointments following up the cat scan I had to have last fall for a check on my kidneys. He said there was no cancer, but he wanted me to have another sonor gram to see what is there which he said would probably be a benign tumor they would just leave alone. I need to walk about three and a half blocks and back to the doctor and I expect the temperature to start going up and up. I am dressed in very thin clothes just in case!
I posted a photo of me in my pink bathing suit but I was still wearing glasses. Due to lack of energy due to a long talk I had the night before on the patio with a new resident, I did not get in the pool yesterday. I knew I had to take this walk today so decided to preserve energy. It is necessary to be very cautious walking anywhere in the first high temperatures of summer especially. Doc about had heat stroke the other day from walking in it. That was the day it reached 114 degrees. It was morning, but I told him he should not walk in it. He was buying a feast for the 4th of July so he could not be dissuaded. Even those of us who have dealt with the heat a long time can make mistakes!
I will post this now and add a post script if there is anything to add about my health.

P.S. Everything is okay! Next appt. late September.


Amrita said...

hope your visit went well Gerry. My goodness 114 heat, that 's as hot as us.

LaRena said...

You look very pretty in pink, and the pool behind you looks very refreshing. It is so much better for you to exercise in the water than to walk so far in the heat. Hope all was well at the Doctor and that you can keep swimming and writing for years to come.

Paula said...

So glad everything is good. Very pretty swimsuit and the lady inside is pretty special too.

kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

Sizzling in Pink! Nice photo.
Hope things are well at the doctors. Enjoy the pool. I can't get on Facebook...has anyone noticed a change?


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