Monday, July 19, 2010

Catching up with everybody

Relatives reporting from Utah who attended the Boulder Heritage Festival this last weekend say this one was the best ever, best presentations, best music, and best attended. My son Raymond called up Sunday afternoon still tired but wanting to touch base. He said that Tracee Rhohde who went up to do the lights on out door stage setting did her best job ever. Home Jones, Raymond's former Metro Arts students' band, had a big crowd dancing the night away as the band that closed the festival. Everybody loves one of Utah's top blue grass bands, Ridin' the Faultline, who have been playing to the festival almost since the year it was started. They found out that my dad's saddle, one of those on display, is rather rare and might be worth some money!

One relative's little boy was there with his little red wagon. My sister Ann took a photo of him grabbing a nap in his trusty wagon that was so cute. Another niece dressed up in a good black dress with a lace collar and read a poem as her ancestor Great Grandma Black that was a hit, and another niece sang an original song about this same hardy pioneer woman who was the wife of the man John Black who homesteaded the King ranch in Boulder which is now under new ownership and had all her descendants attending in tears.
Our trusty video camera which is getting kind of old and decrepit would probably have zonked out on me had I gone to film the festival as I did one year. But people took some great photos I have been enjoying all morning.
My sister Ann had to go to a funeral today as a younger member of my mother's best friend's family died unexpectedly. Seems unbelievable that in the midst of life some are departing for distant shores and we will only catch glimpses of them again in rare dreams until we, too, go to meet them.
We are lucky to be alive! So it is best to enjoy life while we can. Here's to life!


Have Myelin? said...

Yes, here's to life! =)

LaRena said...

I was very happy to hear all the reports from Utah about the festival. it sounds like it was a great deal of work but joyful for so many people. The Lyman's are very smart to have their reunion at festival time so they can enjoy both celebrations with one trip. I felt bad to miss it this year but feel better now hearing about it through Marie and Ann's eyes. I was especially glad to hear Dixie managed to attend one more time. She loves seeing her old friends and all the presentations. Great to hear about all the talented people who are willing to give their time and creative endeavors.


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